What if our Teeth were IVORY?

That would be 32 of them and each of them would be much more valuable to us than diamonds if it had any instilled value in it. We would take care of them just as we would with elephant ivory. Unfortunately the value we have placed on our own Human teeth is worthless when compared to elephant tusks which fetch nearly 1 Million plus US Dollars in the black market. Why is it that we do not treat our own teeth to be as valuable as Ivory? Why are precious animals being killed to extinction and we are we supporting a trade that is balancing the delicate Ecology of our Planet?

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What if we tried to prevent disease than to treat them? All of us know the root cause of caries ( cavities)as a combination of poor oral hygiene primarily, partly genetics and the type of junk foods that we ingest. So why not visit our Dentist every 6months and get a comprehensive check up, get necessary X rays and a professional cleaning? We spend more money, time and energy on collecting material “STUFF” than taking care of our Health. We get our car to the car wash much more frequently than taking our own mouth to the Dentist. A car can be replaced but our teeth cannot be. It’s our body and it’s our mouth. AND It’s our choice. We must learn to learn to prioritize our own Health. There are Scientifically proven studies showing the link between Oral Bacteria and Heart disease.

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Image result for Ivory

Sugar is the new drug. It is cheap, mass produced and is found everywhere. it is also consumed by Humans everywhere round the World. It is found in every product that is out there on our shelves. There is a choice that we have to make. Take care of our overall health, and keep the teeth that we have OR to bring down our overall health as a result of our negligence and ignorance in Oral Hygiene. our Teeth help us to chew food well in order to facilitate ease of digestion, supporting our lips and cheeks, giving shape to our face, giving us the chance to smile with teeth rather than without, facial support and speech. Just imagine a Man who is well dressed wearing a very expensive suit, a designer tie, with shiny shoes, getting into a chauffeur driven limo in front of a high rise building in Manhattan with just one front tooth missing. Or a Pretty model going to a beauty pageant with just one front tooth missing. People are more apt to panic when they lose their front tooth than when they lose their posterior ones. We see people all around us each and every day, carrying diseases of both tooth and gums. They are going about their daily lives like nothing has happened. Gum disease is a silent disease. It erodes the bone supporting our teeth and one fine day we have “loose teeth”. At this point it becomes irreversible. Most people have gum disease and do not know about it. Of those who know that it exists in their mouth, continue to ignore it. Most of us fall into one of these three categories of gum disease- Mild, Moderate or Severe. No one is free of it.

Our mouth is an integral part of our body and it IS the gateway to our body. Time to prioritize and focus on our overall Health and to start giving importance to our Teeth as well. ONLY If we take care of it, will it take care of us.



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