Most of the World Oceans are filled with salt water that is unfit to drink. The freshwater that we need in order to survive are locked up in glaciers, ice caps and underground aquifers. Once we take all these away in theory all that is left is barren land. None of us would exist on this Planet without water. We may own all the land that we want in paper, but in reality we don’t own anything. Water is a gift to us and is available to us for free. But as Humans, we have gotten greedy. Anything that is available for free will have no attached or instilled value. There are many ways to tap water from nature without destroying it. Fog is one of them. Even desert insects tap into finite sources of water to ensure their very survival. So why not we learn something from nature and from what nature has to offer? Why not we learn to live with nature rather than against it.

Image result for last drop of water

We will, but only if water is taken away from us. Only then will the value of a single drop of water count. Right now we are flushing toilets with no remorse, watering our lawns for it to look pretty for others, we are wasting food by the millions of tons, throwing out misshapen healthy vegetables and fruits, dumping untreated industrial waste water, water used for cattle farming etc etc and the list goes on. With it comes water scarcity and pollution. This is followed by the introduction of new diseases with fancy names. With these new diseases, we will have new medications with even fancier names.

Let’s not wait until the last drop of water is gone. Let’s make intelligent choices regarding its use. Let’s focus our efforts on its conservation and on how it is being used.


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