Benefits of RISING EARLY.

Back in the olden days, our ancestors followed the Sun to clock their time and their activities. They rose before the Sun came up, that is at 4 AM and went to bed around 6 PM after a 4 PM dinner. Today we have the thing called electricity which is available to us 24/7 with the flip of a switch. Now that we are spoiled, we don’t sleep, we party all night long, eat anytime we wish to and have become workaholics. This has led to a new array of problems: We are a sleep deprived society living on junk foods, staying unhealthy will all sorts of health ailments which may include addiction, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. As a result we have also become a drug dependent society.

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All we needed to have done was to follow the Sun and the rest would have followed as Nature intended. But we have learned to ignore Natures course and have chosen to follow modern comforts, thereby heading in the wrong direction of a one way street.

So what are the benefits to seeing the first light of the day by rising early?

  1. Getting to see the Sunrise. More time available to do anything.
  2. Have time to exercise and stay Healthy.
  3. More productive in the morning and having more energy.
  4. Getting things out of the way.
  5. Less crowd at the Supermarket.
  6. Parking problem solved.
  7. Less traffic.
  8. Starting before everyone else.
  9. Mind is clear.
  10. Cold shower wakes up our senses.
  11. Planing well ahead, for the day ahead.
  12. Catching up on emails before the start of the day.
  13. BIG time saver no matter how we cut it.
  14. Early bird gets the worm. It says it all.
  15. May help beat the competition.
  16. Chores done much earlier in preparation for the day.
  17. We are more active and alert early in the morning.
  18. Our mind is sharp, clear and stress free.
  19. Morning huddle sets the stage for rest of the day.
  20. Gives us time to eat breakfast like a king by eating Healthy (Eat lunch like a prince and eat Dinner like a pauper- are the other 2).


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