Imagine have a skin over our skin, a second coat. As thin as the one we were born with. What if this skin has the ability to protect us from the brutal cold of the Arctic Circle, has the ability to keep us cool during the harsh Indian Summers, has the ability to protect us animal bites and is impenetrable to venom. What if it does protect by exchanging heat, swapping perspiration and by blocking thermal extremes at the dermal level and at cellular levels? The question of “What if” shows the inquisitiveness and curiosity of Man along with his powerful supercomputer- The brain.

Image result for second skin

Technology has come a long way. Anything and everything that we see around us has stemmed from someones idea. It has originated from someones brain and has rippled outward bringing in New products for the masses. As consumers we are conditioned to consume. Hence it brings with it new employment and thus creating life changes for Millions around the World. Wouldn’t this skin yield one of those products that can change Human life for ever. This skin would give way to needing no anti-venom in developing countries, it can self regulate our body temperature and maintain our inner body functions underwater. This skin may even be able to record our vitals and wirelessly transmit the data across Oceans and over Land to Healthcare professionals. It may also help us stay alive in the vast open Wilderness in case of any life threatening emergency. This skin may even be able to perform CPR by way of tapping into and by way of remote access from anywhere in this World. This skin may even give a second chance in life for many outdoor enthusiasts, Scientists, adventurists, archeologists and Hobbyists. Work related injuries could be prevented. It may even serve as a flotation device. So what’s keeping us from achieving something that’s so vital to us? The answer is: It rests within us. We are our own barriers that impede our own growth. Use it or lose it- Brain power.it’s in us. Why not put it to work?

So what if we look to Nature in designing this new skin by learning from Nature’s deepest secrets. We have created waterproof clothing by watching nature at work. We need to listen and observe. Nature does not revel its deepest secrets that easily. It is our job to go and seek it.We have the brain power to do it. So why not go ahead and jump right in. Someday one of us may pave that path to New innovation that can help save lives and at the same change the lives of others seeking higher ground in our society.



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