Being UPFRONT in Life.

Being honest, and straightforward is not something that we see these days. It has become uncommon. Integrity seems to not matter at all. Respecting one another non existent. Mannerism is on their way to extinction. Face to face communication is at a standstill. Virtual communication abound. Having Millions of virtual friends but no real friends. Handwriting, meaning writing with a pen has become obsolete. In this virtual age of Instant gratification, we want everything fast and now. It also has become an age where money rules the World and it’s all about money. Nothing else seems to matter to anyone. People smile to us in the face and work behind our back. When was the last time we were upfront with our family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances? Mutual Trust has become a thing of the past. No one trusts no one. No wonder we have an instrument call “receipt”. We have been taught to please everyone from the minute we were born. Right from our Mother, Father, teachers, mentors, lovers, wife, sons, daughters, uncles etc. But what about us as a person? We come in last.

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Benefits to being upfront with everything in life:

  1. We are who we are. And we mean it.
  2. We mean what we say. When we say “NO” it’s a NO. The hardest part is to say No sometimes.
  3. We start to have self respect. Trust starts to surface from people around us.
  4. Others look to us for honest advise.
  5. Honesty and integrity will be like taking a much longer route but in the end it will reap dividends.
  6. Most people say one thing and do other things. Being upfront with an Yes means a definite yes.
  7. Keeps us honest and others honest too.
  8. There is nothing to hide. it simplifies our live multi-fold.
  9. Gives us a chance to enjoy our lives at our own pace.
  10. Openness takes the load off of our backs.
  11. There will be no misunderstandings.
  12. Gives no chance for negative emotions to surface.
  13. Being upfront is good to hold and maintain relationships. Friends can remain friends.
  14. Takes the edge off and the unpleasantness of a tricky situation.
  15. Live life with no fear and have no one to answer to. Enables one to live life and enjoy it under his or her terms.





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