The Fire of HATRED.

No one is born into this World with hate in their minds. It is an acquired trait and is instilled into our minds by someone other than us through conditioning. Once we hear something being repeated over and over again by someone whom we know and trust since we were a child, we begin to process that message by accepting it as THE truth. Just because someone says that something is the truth, does not make it THE truth. Just like anything in life, there is more to it the our eye can see. Top decipher this code, we need to have a mindset to look outside the box by digging in. Once we dig in all answers will surface at some point. But if we believe all that we hear, we will probably lose our own mind and individuality as a Human, an individual. Life is made complex enough by our own actions, let’s make it simple. As we grow into adulthood, we must be in position to think for ourselves on what is wrong and what is right, differentiate between good and evil thoughts, learn to filter the truth from the lie and learn to read people minds an emotions. We also need to know what their intentions are. How are they benefiting either directly or indirectly by getting into our minds and thus transforming our thoughts? Hate breeds hate and misery always loves company. As Humans we are one selected species out of the many, who has been given the gift of the intellect. Animals do fight for food and mate. But we seem to fight for land, money and everything material. We are living in an Artificial World that we have created for ourselves. We DO NOT own anything. We are merely renting space on this Planet temporarily. Each and everyone of us are given this unique ability to think for ourselves, being creative, to innovate and to accomplish anything we wish to accomplish in Life. We need to use this talent to uplift all of Humanity, not to bring to its downfall. There is only one life and one chance for all of us to get our acts together and be HUMAN.

Image result for paper burning

Hatred is like poison. It destroys the holder from within. Munching on hate for a lifetime is not good for anyone nor does it do any good. For sure all of us look different on the outside, dress differently, talk differently, colored differently, but on the inside we have the same vital systems that support our individual lives. We are who we are. It was not our choice that we look this way. This is the way we are born. Each of us did not have an option to choose our parents nor our looks. We are born as a package with all product features. This difference is what makes us unique. Today we are able to eat food from any corner of the World, dress anyway we like, learn new languages, travel anywhere, visit exotic places, meet new people, make new friends and connect with anyone anywhere and at any time. This is a boon, not a curse. Back in the dark ages none of this was possible. Imagine, if all of us looked alike, ate the same food, had the same culture, dressed the same and spoke the same language, OUR LIFE would get boring very fast. There would be no need to travel, meet no one, and eat nothing new. We have doctors who have dedicated their entire lives saving lives no matter what we look like, where we are from or what the color of our skin is. They have made a commitment to take care of us from birth to death. If doctors worked on the basis of the color of peoples skin, the religion they followed, the type of dressing they wore or the language they spoke or how much money they had, non of us would qualify to be their patients. Today we live in the 21st century and have 21st century drugs to treat diseases and save lives. It is not the 12th century. Times have changed drastically with advances in Science, Mathematics and technology. Firemen, EMT, Medical technicians, engineers, divers, rig operators, drivers etc are doing their part in contributing to our society no matter who their clients are. Would some one refuse to give blood to another who is dying, but of a different race? Who this someone accept blood from a person of different race, if he or she were in that situation? We live in a cosmopolitan society that is as diverse as the Whole World. Today goods and services are done much more Globally than locally. People in a team within any company is a mix of everyone, probably for every possible country and cultural background. We need to work together and help each other to ease our individual journey through life. Together we can grow, individually we will fall. Our collective strength has taken us to the Moon, to the depths of the Oceans, to far off planets and distant Galaxies. No ONE Man or Woman can do it alone. We need each other at every stage of our lives. No Man is an Island.


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