Importance of EARTHWORMS.

We are connected to Earth in one way or another. There is no escape from this reality. Earthworms help replenish the soil by churning it from the inside out, enrich the soil with natural fertilizers, aerates the roots, eats dead and decaying plant matter and helps in circulating air between the root of plants at a micro scale. They in fact like to grow in moist soil where it breaks down organic matter. They do rotate the soil from underneath and brings it to the surface. This may bring about fertility to that soil.

They are also called “the Farmers best friend.” When a field is nourished using natural ways of farming, meaning naturally Organic, there would be no need to use toxic fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. If done right, all of us would have fresh, natural, unadulterated food, clean food on our dinner table. For this to happen, we need to listen to nature. Large scale farming is not the answer for us. It is cheap for a reason. Since it is cultivated in large quantities, prices are set low. In the case of a small farmer who is local, he or she will be able to assist us in stocking up our home with fresh and natural produce which have not been exposed to toxins or chemicals.

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Earthworm does its work for us while we sleep. It feeds itself and it invariably feeds us unknowingly. Since we are not even aware of its existence nor its significance, we do not care. When a soil is littered with Earthworms, it tells us the healthy nature of the soil underneath our feet in which this Earthworm lives. Nature does take care of us in miraculous ways. But it is us who have shunned Nature and have developed our own ways of growing crops using modified seeds, toxic chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, Artificial fertilizers etc, to name a few. We have a solution to every problem, because it is us who have brought that problem into the picture in the first place. So initially we first make money out of the problem and secondly we give people the solution to that problem and then make money out of it. Sadly, Both are our doing. This is happening all around us right under our noses and is happening more often than we choose to think.

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So the next time we see an Earthworm, we need to give it some respect and some space. Let it do it’s thing and we should do ours. If we do not interfere with Nature, it will not interfere in our irresponsible and childish ways. We have done a wonderful job in wiping out major forests, polluting our air with Chemicals, Tainting the food we eat, making ourselves a drug dependent society, depleting our water resources and ever increasing our dependence on fossil fuels. What more is there left to destroy? If our focus is going to be ONLY for more profits, then we re doomed as a Species and it will be status quo moving forward. If we have learned our lessons from the past 100 years and are willing to correct ourselves in protecting our Planet, we would need to step back immediately and mend our dirty ways of doing business with Nature. Animals and Plants, both large and small occupy this Planet with us and call it their home too. We are not the only one on it. Any action that we embark on, affects them too. So we need to keep them in our mind before committing an irresponsible act against Nature.

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They too are living life forms just like you and me. They too deserve a chance to live life just like us. What makes us so special and not them? Who said they are inferior and we are the dominant species of the two? The answer lies in our mindset. An Earthworm is no inferior than you and me. Because if we begin to dissect Nature to the Nano-scale, without it we may not even exist. Without them we may not even have food on the table. Let’s not take anyone for granted from the micro to the macro, and from the feeble to the strong. Each of us have been granted a place on this Planet. We are here for a reason. Let’s get on with it: To Live Life. That’s it.


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