INDOOR AIR QUALITY and How Indoor plants help us breathe.

We have transitioned ourselves from outdoor living to living indoors. There was a time when we had to find food and seek shelter in order to survive- Outside. Today we are finding ourselves in a situation where most of us are spending more and more time indoors and find that we are all vitamin D deficient, due to the lack of exposure to basic sunshine. To top it off we are breathing in recycled air 24/7. This air is either cooled in Summer and heated in winter. We hardly stick our face outside. This brings with it a host of other problems. The duct system which carries this Air around the house is usually laden with dust ( dust mites), Lint, possible mold from leaks, pet hair, Human hair, lice, and many more nano particles. This can wreck havoc on our defenses. Our immunity is an all time low with new diseases are an all time high.

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We have the best Healthcare technology, the best Doctors and the best medications in the whole World but we are unable to find a cure for many diseases that are out there.  Hospitals are filled with fake or artificial plants and NO real plants. We are relying on artificial filtration systems to do their job to filter germs, dust, bacteria and fungi. Filtration systems are just machines and they can only do so much. Nothing can beat our exposure to nature by breathing in unadulterated fresh air. We need to embrace nature and learn to live with it and not against it. Allergens are on the rise all across the World. People are spending more time indoors than outdoors. Kids too are spending many hours indoors in front of their game consoles, TV, DVD, Laptops and desktops. We have spoiled ourselves in such a way that when it is hot, we want it cold and when it is cold we want it hot. This is the nature of the beast. A room without plants may have no character or Life to it. When plants come into the picture, it brightens up a room, it shapes it, it molds that room and fills it with Life.

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With us being unable to change the current trend and the course we are taking, something has to give, it is usually our health that takes the blow. We have a medicine for anything and everything these days. People are popping them up like candies. These candies are even being advertised on billboards and TV. They have even gone to lengths to have the patient ask their doctor for the drugs by name. When did we arrive here and where are we heading? With indoor air quality dwindling and the diseases rising there is a direct relationship between them. Many decades back there was no such thing as peanut allergy or allergic to dairy products. We are moving through life thinking that we are advancing but in reality we are marching backward to the era of the cave man. At no point in history has Man ever shunned nature, except now. We are destroying forests, polluting everything around us, destroyed age old medicinal plants and animals along with their art of healing, all in the name of Profits and technology. We are living in cities housed in skyscrapers, transporting genetically modified food from all corners of the globe, have become a drug dependent society and eating processed food to survive.

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So where do plants come in? We spend so much time, money and energy in decorating our homes with multi-million dollar paintings and expensive art work only to find that we are breathing in unhealthy air. We have filled our homes and apartment with artificial plants for its looks. Live plants are hard to maintain, I get it . But it serves a very important function that no artificial plant can match. That is to filter the air we breathe within this enclosed space of ours. What do plants do? It breathes in Carbon dioxide and breathes out Oxygen. What do we do? We breathe in oxygen and breathe out Carbon dioxide. Here we see that there is a very significant symbiotic relationship that is being established here between Man and Live Plants. Plants also do help us filter the air that we breathe in. Dollar for dollar and pound for pound there is no better investment than investing in our health. All we need is to have Live plants in our house. Of course we need to treat it like any member of our family. We need to feed it, provide it with adequate sun and give nutrients to it. In return, the look good for us. They beautify our homes, gives us fresh air to breath and as they grow from a tiny plant to a much larger one, it does put smile a on our face. This inner happiness is something that attaches us with nature. To see tree or a plant grow from a seed to a living breathing creature that is much bigger than us gives us some inner joy and satisfaction of having helped it grow.

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What we sow is what we reap. So let’s start giving importance to indoor plants that will in turn help us beautify our life, bring joy to our soul, a smile to our face and to bring about the subject of a started conversation. As our inner relationship with our plants progresses, so will our inner happiness. We will learn to tend and care for the plants as well ass others. We may even begin to appreciate nature and look at it from a different perspective. We may start developing respect for all other life forms who are tenants on this Earth just like you and me. Our life on this Planet is temporary and short, but these Plants may assist us in travelling through life by helping us breathe much easier. Everything that we do in life starts with the first step. In this case, Let’s start with our first plant. In due course these plants will have many more babies. We might start to give these baby plants to our friends and neighbors as gifts. In that process, we may nurture new friendships and acquaintances. You know the rest of the story.


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