BIO-LUMINESCENCE : Nature’s Miracle.

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Man has invented electricity by way of trial and error using the raw materials that are found in Nature. But nature has a Natural way of creating light within our bodies which applies to only a certain species of animals on the Planet. Can we do that? Some Bio- luminescent animals are microscopic and a very few others are only slightly bigger. So what happens during the Bio-luminescence and what is it? Bio meaning Life and luminescence means light. In essence it stands for any living thing which generate light.  Bio-luminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It may be created through the interaction of biochemicals within the body. It may be even called Chem-luminescence, where chemical energy is released in the form of light through Bio transformation. Bio-luminescence occurs widely in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as in some fungi, bio-luminescent bacteria and terrestrial invertebrates such as fireflies. Not only are these species of plants and animals beautiful to look at, in some cases they may be deadly as well. They themselves may act as a bait to attract potential prey. Once the prey gets attracted to this emitted light, they head towards it and become prey. Most organisms are found in deep Oceans at the abyss where sun light hardly penetrates. To feed themselves they have adapted by using this technique and has been working very well for them for centuries. Above ground we have fireflies lighting forests and sidewalks. Nature is amazing in many ways, but this Boo-Chemical Phenomenon tops everything else. We cannot replicate what nature has created, but we can definitely Imitate Nature to create and bring in new and useful products to market. There is a lot for us to learn from Nature. It’s out there.

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All of us are living our lives in the high speed lane. It’s good to step back, listen to the sights and sounds of Nature once in a while. If we fail to do so, life may pass by with us not experiencing Nature at all. It’s always good to learn and learn something every single day. Knowledge is power. Only a small fraction of our World has been discovered so far. So what are we waiting for? The Ocean floor, underground caves, Blue holes, towering cliffs, dense forests, Micro and Macro flora and fauna, Shallow lagoons, New species of corals etc. are all waiting to be discovered by us. Life is not all about work and no play. There is Life waiting to be discovered outside of home and outside our cubicles. There is more to life than computers, laptops, TV’s, DVD’s, Video games and Social Media. There is more to Life than Money also. Time to turn the lights out and see what nature has to offer. Time to shut the lights off and start discovering new species. We need to start looking outside the box to see what is out there. In box thinking is not going to take us anywhere. We do not want to be stuck in a well just like a frog. This frog may know nothing about the outside World, because all it has been exposed to throughout life is the very contents of this Well. And it has come to accept it as such. To this frog, this Well is It’s ENTIRE World. Let’s not become this frog. We need to have an open mind, the confidence and the courage to jump out of this well and start exploring.


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