Are we wiping out MEDICINAL PLANTS & TREES towards Extinction?

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Yes, We are for sure. Nature has given us everything in a package deal. Our Planet is very generous in providing life to everything from small to big, Which includes, bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition to creating them it sustains all its creations. In the process of sustainability, each creature is dependent on one another for its very existence. This has led to the predator -prey relationship, other have developed symbiotic relationship, still others have modified their existence to- you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Small plants are depended on large trees, and even smaller plants are depended on dead and decaying plants on the forest floors. One level up, animals too are also interdependent on one another for its survival and for food. Big fish eats small fish, small fish eats even smaller fish. This food chain can start from the macro level to the cellular or subatomic level. On top of the food chain comes US. We are supposed to be the dominant species on this Planet, which is of course proclaimed by none other than US- “Humans”. This has led to us polluting and destroying everything in our path.

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Our forests are filled with all sorts of valuable medicinal plants that helps us to cure ourselves in the event of adversities that we face throughout life. Nature has thought about us during the process of our creation. It had thought about us on how we are going to survive in this Planet and has thus provided us with everything that we need to make that journey. Instead of being thankful, what do we do? We start destroying large patches of rain forests, for purposes of agriculture, logging, building homes, raising cattle, expanding on fish farms etc. In due process, we have lost millions of acres of forests, destroyed both micro and macro plants and animals. Most importantly we have led many of Natures most important medicinal plants to extinction. To substitute natures medicine, what do we do? We create chemicals to attack organisms that cause disease. This chemical is brought into Human society with the promise of a cure for a disease. When we dissect the entire picture, this chemical is itself THE problem, which bring with it even more problems that are directly proportional to the cause. It may even increase or exacerbate the symptoms and course of the disease. Then to supposedly cure the disease, these drugs bring with it tons of irreversible side effects. These side effects bring in new symptoms. We have a solution for this too. We have medications designed to mask the symptoms too, but never to cure any disease. It’s all about the money.

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All we had to do was to listen to nature, learn to use what nature has provided us and let our body do its thing towards healing. Instead we have convoluted the entire healing mechanism of the body, confused our body and made synthetic medications an integral part of our Healthcare system. If we open our eyes and keep our minds open, we see that Western Medicine (Synthetic drugs) is here to stay and Eastern medicine ( Nature based healing) is marching towards extinction. Since most people in major cities and in the Western World do not have access to Eastern Natural medicine, they have no choice but to start infusing their bodies with Synthetic Chemicals in the name of healing. The domino effect starts here. We are not helping the body in anyway heal itself. Western medicine is perfect in acute Medical emergency situations. In chronic situations it has a boat load of side effects. Eastern medicine is Nature based healing. It takes a long time to heal but it works with nature and the Human body to heal in unison. It also comes with no side effects. So Medicine, no matter what type has a place in our lives. The key here is to respect all modalities available, learn about it and apply it when appropriate.

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In short all types of medical specialties and drugs do converge at a point and the whole point is to promote healing in a person with no to minimal side effects. What is lost is lost. Let’s move forward in embracing alternate forms of Medicine. When the issue of money comes in to the picture of Healing, that’s when ALL problems arise. Drugs get expensive, people take shortcuts, errors increase, people get greedy, quality goes way down, quantity increases and ULTIMATELY the patient suffers. This entire cycle of Medical business is dependent on the patient and his Health. But everyone seems to benefit here BUT the patient. And without the Patient the entire system would not even exist in the first place. So what’s wrong with this picture. We have the best gadgets in the World for diagnosis and treatment, and the Best doctors, Yet we have the worst Healthcare system.  A body need to be cured no matter what of any disease. It does not matter what type of medicine we use. The end result of healing is what we are striving for. Since Medicine has become a BIG Business, everything suffers, mainly the Quality of care.

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In the industrialized / developed countries, there are not many options for the patients. They are forced to accept Western medicine or Allopathic drugs. No alternate forms of medical choices are given to them. Many are not even aware of other forms of Medicine that comes with little to no side effects. Big pharma has kept all other forms of Natural Medicines at bay so they can reap in profits on the synthetic ones. Given the choice we would all pick what Nature has given us verses what Man has been advertising to us. This is the 21st century. We all have a boat load of choices. Just having choices are not enough, we need to be well educated to make well informed decisions. This is what can make us or break us.


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