It is common sense to nip everything in the bud that is frowned upon and disliked. But we still use it each and every day right from our cars to our kitchen. What we are talking about here is Plastics. They have transformed our lives for the better and for the worse. On a positive note, the interior of our cars, TV frames, computers, keyboards, mouse, Printers, phone cases, Phones, kitchen containers, water bottles, our shoes and jackets etc are all made up of some form of Plastic. Without which we would have to find other ancient means as a substitute. Now on the detrimental note about plastics: We have learned to take them for granted and are found in abundance all around us in our homes and in our landfills. There is no way we can get rid of them They have infested our lives, our homes and our place of work. We cannot live with them, nor without them. Plastics one of the many useful inventions of the Human Mind. They have many applications in our daily life.

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Now back to the point. Why are we chasing plastics instead of us cutting it off at the origins. Meaning Manufacturing plants? If something is this World is harming our health and polluting our environment, what are we supposed to do? Get rid of it by stopping its production. What are we doing instead? We have become major consumers of it and have got addicted to its presence. Since plastic is much cheaper than any other raw material to make plastic bags, they are found Worldwide in most countries in all supermarkets. So how much of these are we throwing out which ends up cluttering our homes and helping fill our landfills? 100 %. So what are we doing about it ? NOTHING. Recycling is just an eyewash. For example, if one country is a polluter and another one is a recycler, what is the point of recycling in this scenario. The Worlds Ocean currents and air currents takes them all around the World circumventing every nook and corner of the World with these toxins. So no country is free of it. To support the theory, we are seeing respiratory likenesses spike all around the World and in all countries.We all know that only a tiny fraction of what we consume is being recycled. The rest end up in landfills all across the World. We are even exporting waste from one country to another. Recycling is in itself a big business and a major polluter. Recycling using vast amounts of energy and water. The byproduct is air and water pollution. Once recycling is done, the final product is sold to manufacturers to make new products. Hence it is not pollution free.

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Plastics find their way into our backyards, streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, estuaries and Oceans. Ocean currents carry them to each and every beach that line Continents. Marine life and birds suffer the impact of this. When we consume these Marine products as food, we ingest these micro pellets of plastics into our bodies at a cellular level. This in turn disrupts our normal bodily functions, leads to hormonal imbalance, genetic variations and defects. We cannot blame anyone but us. AS consumers, and manufacturers we are all to blame. We are in this together. We have got ourselves in, so we need to get ourselves out of this mess that we have created. It is very shocking to see that we are INTENTIONALLY continuing to manufacture plastic bags, plastic cups, foam cups, plastic plates, plastic toys, plastic covers on everything new, plastic containers holding food and everything in between. On the other hand we are forming companies that are chasing these plastics out into the open ocean. This seems idiotic and not logical at all. Why are we chasing the impossible. Once it leaves our hands, it is open to the elements. THE only control we have is in the manufacturing process. Once it leaves this facility, there is NO stopping it. Instead of nipping the problem at its source of origin, we are continuing to chase the problem all around the World. 75% of Our Planet is covered with oceans. These oceans do have ocean currents which carry waste, our plastics etc all around the World. So where are we going to start chasing these plastics from? Since ocean currents are dynamic, it is next to impossible even to first find where these plastics are in the open Ocean.Once we find them, we need to travel there. Considering the status of the high seas and frequent storms, it is a next to impossible task.

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We can only avoid our problems with plastics for so long. Some day it will catch up with us and sink us. Since we have been conditioned for so long in our relationships with Plastics, we have gotten very comfortable with them. Even though they are a petroleum derivative and a carcinogen, we have let them enter our homes, into our lives, our kitchen, in contact with our food and into our body too WITHOUT any question. All  because we have gotten spoiled due to the comfort it gives to us by making our lives much easier. At this point we do not have the courage to let it go because we have gotten addicted to it.

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So what’s the solution? WE ARE THE SOLUTION because WE are the consumers.

  1. Stop accepting plastic bags that are given out to us at supermarket. Carry a cotton tote bag to the supermarket or to the library instead.
  2. Demand plastic free containers and wrappings with anything that is in direct contact with food.
  3. Use glass bottles and containers in the kitchen instead of plastic ones. Glass is inert but breakable.
  4. AS consumers we have a voice and we need to voice our concerns to manufacturers. We need to talk to lawmakers to make laws than ban plastic bags and plastics in general.
  5. Plastics are cheap to manufacture for the manufacturers, but it is not good Health wise for us as consumers.
  6. If we care for the environment and for our health we need to stand up for it by using plastic free products.
  7. Carry water bottles that are not plastic. Carry lunch to work by brown bagging it. It will save you money and it will help our planet by preventing another Plastic or foam tray from being thrown into our landfill.
  8. Use Natural paper based products such as paper plates, bamboo plates, ceramic utensils etc. Wooden spoons also do serve their purpose.
  9. Learn to respect nature and to live with it. It does give us everything that we need. A banana leaf can serve as a plate, a coconut can serve as a cup and a hollow stalk of a leaf could serve as a straw.
  10. We need to be life long learners in order to learn from nature. We need to embrace Nature and do our part in helping it. We need to educate kids on how to associate themselves with nature, and in doing so on how to live a sustainable natural life.

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Let’s each of us do our part in keeping our neighborhoods clean, our planet pollution- free and ourselves Healthy.




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