TOYS and our Landfill.

Toys have been an intricate part of our lives from the very beginning of Mankind and have been woven deeply into our childhood. Kids have created their own games for centuries to fight boredom and to make new friends. Today, our toys are ruled by plastics. We have lost our creativity in formulating new games and got sucked into virtual games. We are playing with players all across the World, most of whom we have never see and probably will never even know their real names. Toys also a child’s best friend but an absolute nightmare for the environment. They are a use and throw product collecting dust in our attics, basement and in our landfills. Since most of them are thrown in landfills, they tend to have an average lifespan of 100 plus years  before they can degrade completely to the ground. Once they reach the subterranean lifestyle they can get into our drinking water supply and into Oceans.

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They look colorful to the eyes of a child but they are money down the drain. Again we have allowed plastics into our homes with open arms and without any questions asked. Back then kids has wooden toys with no colorful paints on them Life still went on for them without any incident. Today we have added colors by way of dyeing and painting them. Many instances of lead paint has raised concerns on the safety of these toys. Some are so small that a child could choke on them. Still the manufacturing of all sorts of toys seem to go on for ever. Toy make good distractions for a short term, but on the long term, there is no long term. IN the end it ends up doing nothing for us in return, except creating short term joy in the eyes of a Child. Is it worth it? Maybe not. It’s how we look at it from the Planets prospective. In the eyes of a child it may be a completely different point of view. What’s yours?


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  1. Karen says:

    I agree! We spent a fortune on toys for our kids. Now that they are older, we’re donating them all away! What a waste of money. Some were enjoyed, some not. Think wisely new parents!

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  2. Only a very small fraction of it gets recycled, most of them are burnt creating more air pollution. Second hand toys also are a source of bacteria when handed down from one child to another.


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