Why are the FACES of Trucks and Buses still FLAT?

We have know them and their faces for a very long time, probably from when we were very little kids. Their faces have seen very little change and they have held on to their classic looks . What we are talking about here are the faces of trucks and buses. The same goes for planes, trains and cars. Their chassis and their basic blue prints have remained the same for over 100 years since the industrial age. Take our car for example. There is the engine (The heart), the gear box, transmission, the chassis, braking system and the steering wheel. Other than the incorporation of New technology and computers, the basic concept remains.

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In the 21st century we would expect the faces of these automobiles to be streamlined and modern when compared to the bygone years. Instead they have been holding their ground for these many years Who knows, they may even maintain their shape for many more. As Humans we are reluctant to change. We all know the physics of air flow in front of a large vehicle and the turbulence that exists behind it. We also know that there is a very great drag that slows down the vehicle when its face is flat vs when it is streamlined. So why is it that the faces have never changed shape even though we know more about aerodynamics now than ever before? Is it the cost to change that we are afraid of or is it that we fear change itself?

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Fearing fear of change is irrational fear which will keep us from propelling ourselves forward. Constructive fear is good but not when it comes to the fear of transformation itself. Fear must be faced head on. We should not be running towards a dark closet to hide permanently in order to avoid facing those fears. Change comes with risks as well as a modern look and feel. It also helps us move u[ the rung towards success and modernization. With drag comes increased fuel costs in the operation of that vehicle with a flat surface vs a streamlined vehicular face. Are we ignoring our fear to change or are willing to be succumbed by it. A flat face is unsightly for a truck or a bus, A streamlined face may give it a new look and put money in our pockets than blowing it up in thin air.

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We are a society that have no second option for transportation purposes. Our dependence on fossil fuels has gone way out of hand because we are conditioned to have it that way and keep it that way. Oil is big business. It is also a monopoly. Imagine purchasing a vehicle once and from there on it becomes part of a subscription service that we pay into for Life. What better industry can someone get into where the revenue is steady, is high and guaranteed for life. To top it off there is very less competition when compared to other industries. So at this juncture ALL OF US are fossil fuel dependent customers for life.Since there is NO Plan B, all of us are stuck to this subscription service for life. We don’t even have the option to say NO, Nor to demand other options from governments. Because there is NO plan B in place.

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Why are solar based, hydrogen cars, wind harvesters, wave energy, hydro power and all sustainable energy companies not moving forward and allowed to move up with the times in modernizing our infrastructure and helping us hold a sustainable blue planet? Because Oil is the buzzword today and they hold all the chips pertaining to money, power and control. The longer thy have control over our lives we will be a fossil fuel dependent World. Unless and until we have a Plan B to satisfy our mode of transportation we will be stuck with it for life against our will. Moreover, the faces of these trucks and buses will remain flat to satisfy shareholders and corporate profits. With drag comes increased fuel usage. This means more gallons of oil getting pumped into trucks and buses and profits will be lining the pocket of the Elite few. Meanwhile all of us may be left out in the open, high and dry to breathe in the already polluted air. There may come a time when we will have more people on this planet than the amount of trees, there may come a time when all trees are cut down to make money for the top, there may come a time when drinking water can be found only close to the Earth’s core and there may come a time when Plastics will rule our entire World.Image result for drag in front of a truck and turbulence behind it

Image result for drag in front of a truck and turbulence behind it

Image result for drag in front of a truck and turbulence behind itImage result for drag in front of a truck and turbulence behind it

None of us want to see this Happen, but it will soon. Humans have been given everything by Nature in order to Sustain his or her own life on THIS Planet. Instead we have gotten very greedy by digging a hole on the surface of our own Planet, sinking in a very deep straw that has a cutting tip and are sucking our own Planet dry of Oil and water. It’s anyone guess on what will happen next and on what will happen very soon? It’s just a matter of time.




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