CHEMICALS that govern our Lives.

Our body is made up of Chemicals and so is our environment. Those are natural elements found in Nature. With our intellect, considering ourselves THE dominant species and proclaiming ourselves as the rulers of this World, we have artificially created many more Artificial products than we can handle. This has led to to the downfall of our own health and the environment in which we live. From the time we open our eyes in the morning to the time we close our eyes at night, we are bombarded with tons of toxic Chemicals. We have been conditioned to learn and accept to live with it by considering it Modern Living at its best. In return we have new diseases popping up on the radar, and more New chemical medications to supposedly cure those diseases. So we have created a problem and a solution for the same. Kids today has the highest obesity rates ever, more diseases than ever, Genetically modified foods flooding the markets and Pollutants at an all time high. What are we breathing in- Chemicals. What are we eating- Chemicals. What about the dress we wear- Chemicals. What about our homes- Chemicals. What about the products that we use daily- Chemicals. The key point here is that these are not Natural Chemicals, they are Man made. Also let’s not forget that we are living in a closed environment of the house within which the air is not clean and is being recirculated. The chemicals do follow the air flow throughout the house. What about the rest of the Chemicals that we come across outside our homes on a daily basis?

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So let’s assess our daily activity and our interaction with the Chemicals that go with it:

Bathroom: Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Lotion, ointments, laxatives, Soap, shampoo, conditioners, nail polish, makeup, air fresheners, Various medications that we take, Window cleaners, Toilet bowl cleaners, Toilet bowl tablets, Perfumes, Tile cleaners, cleaning tablets and solutions. An average adult takes at least 8 pills each day. Once they come out they are flushed down the toilet. There is no waster treatment plant in the World that can separate it before it can be discharged safely back into the ocean.

Kitchen: Counter-top cleaners, floor cleaners, dish washing detergents, air fresheners, hand soaps, stain removers, drain openers, granite wax and other polishes, pesticides, Teflon coated utensils, aluminum foil, Vitamins. We think of Vitamins as Candies and consider them harmless. But that’s not the case in most cases. They are also unregulated.

Bedroom: Air fresheners, fabric softeners, Moth balls, Perfumes, mood elevators, scented candles.

Living room: Floor polish, furniture varnish, fire retardant curtains treated with chemicals, paints, floor coverings, anti freeze, air conditioner chemicals.

Laundry: Fabric softeners, all sorts of toxic detergents, antibacterial clothing and shoes treated with chemicals.

Garage: Gasoline, Oil for movers, Grease, rust removal solutions, salt treated with chemicals for snow removal.

Lawn: Chemical Fertilizers, Fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, weed killers.

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Where do all these Chemicals end up? They end up in our landfills, into our sewer systems, travelling into our drains and then are transported to steams, rivers, ponds, lakes, rivers and ultimately into our oceans . In many instances they even contaminate the soil underneath and pollute our ground water. This is a very short list of the ever growing list of toxins that we are willing to live with. Sadly, we do not even charge them rent for living with us. They are destroying us from within our homes, silently.



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