ALL Electronic and NO ELECTRICITY.

Unlike anytime in history, for the first time ever everything that is written is written and stored electronically. Paper trails are very few and far in between. This trend is here to stay and may even get much worse. Soon the common paper that we have been writing on and even our newspapers and magazines may soon head to the exits. All that will be left will be our electronic signatures and the electronic communications that are stored in an electronic format.  Since anything and everything is running on electricity, our grid will be unable to keep up with the demand of our so called Modern life.

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Ever since everything has been computerized, one software consultant in India can do the job of three fully paid employees in Europe at 1/3 rd the cost. If you were the employer in this scenario what would you do? And companies are well aware of it. Since the focus is on company profits and not on quality, working from anywhere is possible. A person can be on a beach, in  a hot tub or in a shower (just kidding), he or she can work from anywhere. All we need is a computer and an internet connection. Also the cost of storage has come down drastically over the years. Everything is stored virtually on the cloud. So we are storing everything and pulling data out of thin air? Is that the case? In a way it’s good. Because they have redundant backup systems in case of power failure or a natural disaster. Now let’s look into how these systems work. Everything is run by electricity. Without a paper trail, if electricity is zapped and taken off of the grid due to a Cosmic Solar storm for example, our entire infrastructure that is related to Information technology would come to a stand still. Today we are totally dependent on Electricity from Stock trades to e-signatures on documents to sport betting to entertainment to Business. We have come to be dependent on it round the clock to infinity. We cannot afford to have a down time, even for a second. Can we?

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This is what happens when we rely on a single system of power. In this case what do we do with the data that is stored electronically? Can it be retrieved safely? How about the valuable personal data of many that are stored in different back-end servers scattered across the Globe? Can it be bought back and function normally? Sometimes relying too much on our way of modern living is not that good and will not look that modern in times of calamities in which things cannot be retrieved or that is lost in virtual space for ever. So, Just Like in REAL life, we may need to look back into our roots and open up the good old books made of paper and start writing things down the old fashioned way. This is why they say ” Old is Gold”. Our ancestors have definitely traveled that path before us and the tool they have created in order to record their life experiences will serve us once more if we look upward to the skies for their help. A paper and pen is all that we need to record our own lives for future generations to see and learn from.

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Electricity may be obsolete in a few short decades from now. We may tap into the Earth’s magnetic field for our Energy use. Oil will very soon become a commodity of the past. We may be living in a pollution free World that is rich in Natural resources. Our Children and Grandchildren may be living a much Healthier life than which we are living now by eating REAL food. Markets may be flooded with Super foods that does a body good. We might go back to our Origins and bring back long lost Natural based Medicines of the past. New diseases may be wiped out by digging into our own immune systems to find a cure rather than by looking outside. In short the Old roots that gave birth to us may be our New foundation to a much meaningful Life.



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