MICRO-BEINGS within our body.

Nature follows the law of symbiotic relationships. One becomes a host and the other becomes a parasite. In this case these two MUST coexist to live and survive the journey of Life. This trend has been established since the beginning of time which is seen both in plants and animals alike. They depend on each other for their very survival. On other cases a predator-prey relationship comes into play. Here one loses its life to another. We have allowed bacteria to thrive within and on the surface of our bodies by having them live rent free. We are providing them with both food, shelter and a warm mist place to thrive on. What we get in return is phenomenal. They help us ward of infections thereby preventing disease. They keep our gut health in check. They protect our skin, which is THE largest organ in our body. This is like a large barrier that separates our body from the outside World. This is what protects us from the Sun and all the harsh elements.

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We also need to keep them happy and healthy meaning the beneficial ones to keep the harmful ones away. They expect to be fed with healthy foods and nor junk foods. If they are fed healthy, they produce enzymes that will keep us healthy. This is what I call “twisted symbiosis”. The quality of this enzyme is very important in mainlining our overall Health. Everything on this World is connected to each other in one way or another. From the minute we are conceived, we have been exposed to the bacteria that is found in our mothers Womb. We have that same package of bacteria within us that has been keeping us alive from birth to date. It will continue to do so until we die, after which another set of bacteria from the soil will take over and churn our bodies back to the soil. This is the best form of recycling. Nature does many things that have been pre-planned, pre-programmed and outright fascinating. Thing do not just happen and everything happens for a reason. But it happens. Sometimes natural phenomenon do occur for strange reasons at strange places. We are in fact space debris and a collection of space matter that is formed as a result of the big bang. We are made up of Earth elements that are found in the soil. In short we are Earth component at a nano scale. The bacteria that have found refuge in us also are deep space matter. We are in fact alien beings on our own, current place of residence- Planet Earth.

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Likewise, our relationship to beneficial bacteria that are present in our body cannot be stressed upon enough. Without them we would not exist. When our defenses are down, lice, ticks , worms, and other pathogens find their way into our bodies while we are trying to get them out by using toxic chemicals in the form of various medications. Our mouth is the dirtiest part of our body which do carry both beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. So it is in our best interest to keep our Oral Health top notch and our body clean to prevent infections and diseases. All have us have seen and known people who have never even seen a toothbrush let alone use them daily, any who does not even take a daily shower and many wearing the same dirty clothes over and over again. If we do not take of our body, our body will not take care of us. We too need to form a symbiotic relationship with our own bodies. If we do not take care of it, WHO ELSE will.



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