8 plus 8 plus 8 : A WELL BALANCED LIFE.

Each of us have been allotted 24 hours a day, no more and no less. Each of us have been given a chance to live on this Planet while many others have been denied. When we split this 24 hours of each day in 8 hour segments, it makes it much easier to swallow. How we use it is entirely up to us. We can choose to waste it by watching TV, we could learn a thing or two by reading blogs or choose to travel. What ever we do the second starts ticking from the minute we get up. Actually the time has started ticking since the minute we were born.

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All of us need to have a purpose in our own individual lives than just  work to make money and not live life at all. In the end we will need to have lived life to the fullest in our terms and leave with no regrets. Each of us should enjoy every second of each day, If not we are not living Life. WE need to have a passion in us and also have an inner drive to propel it forward. If passion and purpose do not exist in our lives, our own existence become meaningless.

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Anything in life is a balance and it must be balanced on that balance to bear fruit when the time comes around. A balance that is not balanced may practically crumble by its own weight and demerits. We need to eat, breathe, brush, shower, work and play. We need to find time to do it all before we hit bottom. Most of us are so absorbed in what we do that we forget to eat and breathe. When these basics are taken away from us our body holds that grudge and start fighting back by way of demanding oxygen and sugar. it’s our body’s way of telling us to pay attention to our own self before we perish.

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The key ways to balance time and space is to break it up in fractions.

First 8 Hours:        Sleep

Second 8 Hours:   Hard Work

Third 8 Hours:      Everything else

If we cannot find that balance and perform to our satisfaction each day we may develop the fear of missing out and find ourselves in the Anxiety zone. Anything and everything can be accomplished just by managing our time wisely. If we slack off and start getting comfortable there will be a backlog of things to get done, leading to unwanted stress and anxiety. Procrastination is our greatest enemy. So lets get started to work our life in increments. Little drops of water makes the ocean and little grains of sans makes the Land. Like wise little tasks performed incrementally will help us accomplish anything. Of course all it takes is, little bits of time.



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