IS WORK our only identity?

For most of us it is our very identity. After taking being Human as a consideration, our work does define who we are and the circles that we fit into. Without our work, there would be no formal friends nor acquaintances. At this juncture, people may become friends for what we have materialistically and not for what we are as a person. Our acceptance rate goes way down and people do get belittled very easily. It all comes down to perception. Work does define us. It defines us a place in our society. It brings in respect and the social acceptance of our class or rank. In reality, this is very obscure or very absurd. In the grand scheme of things, work does not define who we are as a person. A person can be very honest, hardworking, has integrity and respect. All of which cannot be seen. All that society sees is what money or success can buy. They see huge mansions, posh cars, fine art, lavish parties, exotic wines, expensive jewelry and fashionable ladies. Every Human being on this Planet likes to be loved and accepted. This is the bottom line and it is because we are social beings wired to be such.

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Next to work comes our real identity. The identity we are born with and the identity which is deep seated within each and everyone of us. This is the real us. But there is always another side of us, just like a coin has two sides. People will display only the side of their coin that will bring them the most power, fame or acceptance. In addition to this there is a dark side to everyone which they want no one to know about. This is the dark side of that wolf. This side rarely venture out. if it does it ventures out with caution. We hardly see this but when it lurks its ugly face, news happens. All of us have our other side. But being Human is what matters most. We live and die. Life still moves on without us. Memory of us will fade into oblivion. 100 years from now no one will ever know us.

Attaining fame through 5 seconds of fame, media outlets or through social media sites may reap rewards in the long term but there is a lot at stake here on a short term. It is our personal identity that we are gambling here. Just like in real life, not everyone will like us and not everyone will hate us for who we are or how we look like to them. All we can do is to be we. We cannot change our identity for no one. In some cases we can get a hair transplant, get liposuction, get breast augmentation and in these days change sex. This is the kind of World that we are living in where no one is happy with themselves. They want to lose their own identity to take on someone else. In that process they are losing out on being themselves ever and holding on to their identity. Once they lose it there is no turning back to retrieve it. It will be lost in the ocean of confusion and glamour of the social media platforms.

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Our identity is all that we have. Once we lose it its gone permanently. From birth to death all of us have just one identity to live with. Of course many have aliases and what not. What is written on our birth certificate is usually what stays until it gets recorded again on our death certificates. In short work is not our only identity of who we are and where we are heading. Work and money is only a tool to pass through life. it is a paved road through which we use these two tools to get to the other side. All work and no play is not life. These days we find that most of us are workaholics that are chained to our tables and chairs. All that we are seeing is money. But this is not life. Life is much more than working from 9 am to 9 pm , then commuting between work and home day in and day out, then repeating the same till we die. So whats the point of living when we are dying inside to make money for what? Not living at all. In the end we will have a pile of cash in our bank accounts with everything else missing , but us. Life is a balance. When we do not balance this equation, our whole life will become work and all that we will ever know is to work till we drop. If we continue doing so, it will be the end of the line for us.


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