Are we CHEATING LIFE to conquer DEATH?

From the time we are conceived to the time we die all of us are trying to cheat death. Death is inevitable to all mortals like us Humans. By living day to day with that thought defeats the very purpose of living. Most of us worry what tomorrow will bring. But there are many more of us scattered across the Globe who does not know when their next meal will come from and where to seek shelter for the night. Many of them cannot even afford top buy shoes to protect their feet. Then there are many others trying to survive by feeding on food that are thrown out into dumpsters. Is this considered to be Human at all, when we take into consideration the amount of food wastage that has been going on? Each day will bring each an everyone of us a major set of challenges. We will need to accept them as it comes by challenging it. Life and death is a perfect balance that keeps our Planet going. Many animals will be lucky to see the light of another day.Each day is a bonus for them. Just like them, all of us could be taken off this Planet any second by way of disease, violence, accidents etc. Even our Earth gets no guarantees. A cosmic storm or a giant stray meteorite could wipe us out in an instant. ALL THAT WE HAVE IS TODAY. And the only thing we can all be sure of is this second. Our future is a mystery that waits to be told. Yesterday is gone for ever. Tomorrow is our second chance to correct our past mistakes and move on without holding any grudges.

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Most of us seem to live just to work and in that process we are not living life at all. Before we realize that life has passed by, it’s time to go. Working to pay the bills and pass life by following a routine of 9am-5pm may in the end become a wasted life. During this period, all we have done is worked to keep ourselves alive, by trading our life and our time for money. This Life and time will not come back. It is gone for ever. The rich will always leverage others life and time by trading/purchasing it with money. In that process, the middle class and poor will get sucked into the pursuit of money just to survive, meanwhile the rich will utilize their time for better usage. Our Artificial World has been created by the Elite to control everyone else. If we do not go to work we do not get paid. If we do not get paid, we cannot pay our bills. If we cannot pay our bills, bad things happen. So we are all on this rat race together. It has been set up and designed to be as such. This keeps us busy to keep working, spending, paying our bills and then back to work. This is an endless cycle that takes away our youth, out middle age, until we die. To top it off we will be paying taxes by working to death until death. Today we are even taxed at death and beyond by Estate taxes.

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By living day to day by working just to spend on stuff and pay bills would be in a way considered cheating life by not living life. We are put on this Earth for a purpose. For each of us this purpose could vary. And our individual definition of purpose in our own lives could differ drastically. Living a life with purpose and a well charted course will lead us to a well lived happy life. Because we have a clear focus on what we want to do with our live and we are doing it based on it. In the end after all our personal obligations are fulfilled, we will be ready to depart this World with no regrets. Unless and until we   are living our life and not living someone else dreams, we will go that extra mile to conquer it all under our own terms. Life is to be celebrated each day, not just on birthdays. Every day should be Valentines day. In some cultures, death is celebrated as well. Life and death goes in cycles. If all of us have an eternal life, this Planet would be overpopulated and unable to sustain all of us. At some point something has to give in.

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So can we or will we ever conquer death? Death is not an end but a beginning of ourselves getting recycled by Nature through Natural processes. Science does not give us any proof of afterlife or reincarnation, but religious beliefs do. Since it is a belief and anyone can believe in anything they want, there are no concrete evidence to support this hypothesis. But speculations, theories and rumors will always be ever present. There will also be room for believers and non believers. But one thing we all would agree is that we need to be Human and to stay Human to support each other morally, ethically and by everything else, while we are both alive. Being Human when one is gone and the other in mourning does not do good to anyone because it becomes irrelevant to life itself. Living life each day to the fullest is real living at its best. If we dread going to work, studying, and repent every step that we take, this is dying while living. This does eat ones self from the inside out. In the end we may have nothing to show for, but years of despair, struggles and stories of foiled efforts. There are no guarantees in Life. With just one life to live,there is not much time for all of us to accomplish what we need to accomplish. But one thing is for certain, either we start living our lives now or repent its lost time later, before death rips us apart.


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