Growing up TOGETHER as strangers.

Once conceived we start growing inside our mother’s womb. After birth we are automatically enrolled as a member of the family. Now we are given an identity to fit our looks, character and a name that sounds sweet to fit the society that we live in. Then we start following the system for fear of being left out. We start from Pre-K to 12 , then onto college, Professional school, work, buying material stuff, paying taxes and then ultimately death. This is a society driven and a society structured model. During this entire process we come across classmates, teachers, professors, lecturers, speakers mentors etc. They are all in fact strangers to us. The only difference is they have come into our lives to be part of our lives, thereby giving us a portion of their knowledge and life experiences. Once we come out into the workforce (meaning labor force) we start working with employers, colleges and acquaintances. They too are strangers with their own set of skills, talents and flaws. In short all of us have been growing together but are acting like strangers.

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Everything as become a formality of Hi and bye. Everything seems superficial. The genuineness does not seem to exist. I doubt it ever will. Back in those days we do not make an appointment to meet our neighbor or friend. Today an appointment is a must. Everyone seems to be too busy doing something. Are they that busy that they have not time for you and me? The start of All relationships is from strangers. We did not know our mother or father. We were just born into this family of strangers. When we get married it starts with dating, getting to know this person, making lifestyle adjustments, planning, executing  and working together to make it work. Only then does it start propagating outward into a meaningful relationship that is given a chance to blossom.

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Even the relationship with our best friend started out as being total strangers. We did not know each other but we had to put in the effort to learn accept  to differentiate by respecting our differences and admiring our ingenuity and honesty that exists between Us. The key in any relationship is openness and trust between both parties. In fact it is like a business partnerships except that nothing is signed on paper but in the heart and soul. How many of us know our neighbors? Not many. Most people do not even know who lives next to them. As a society we have lost our own identities, respect for each other and our instinct to be Human. We have become everything else but US. We are turning upon each other like animals in a feeding frenzy. Have we in fact become animals and are going backward in time to behave like barbarians? I don’t think so. We still have a little HUMAN in us.

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Social media and pubic hangout places have become a club for sole, lonely and lost souls to aggregate and make some good time for the time being at least. We live in a very complex society that is trading our life and time on Planet Earth to make money. This is all what we seem to be chasing after. We are seem to be even willing to lose a friend or a relationship over a few dollars. Is this what the World has come down to? Of course there are exceptions to every man-made rule. Most of us live in MEGA cities these days with more people in history than we can imagine, all living in close proximity to each other. But all of us seem to be lonely, isolated and depressed. Many of them have health issues and are on many medications just to keep themselves moving and live in the so- called life. This is what I call ” Starvation amidst plenty”. We live in expensive high rises and skyscrapers together like cattle living in closed quarters. With online shopping and food getting delivered to our doorsteps sometimes by robots, we do not have to even see another living person during our journey through life. All we need is a credit card and a computer with internet connection. It is indeed a very strange World that we are living in which we have created for ourselves. To that effect we are now paying that price and it is a very hefty one. No wonder all of us are seeking comfort from animals than from Man.

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Hopefully one of these days we will learn to accept each other for who we are, respect each other for who we are inside, learn to savor our differences and be Human again. The day will come when we will learn to accept a stranger as a friend. After all they are HUMAN too just like you and me. In the end whether we consider each other friend or foe, the end is the same for all of us. Down there it makes no difference.



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