Small Deeds do make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Deeds are something that we do for our inner selves and for others at our own free will. We are doing this at the expense of others for us. This is also a form of exploitation but on the good side. We do not even have to announce it to the World. We can work in silence to help another Human being out. All of us need a certain amount of money in this World to pass through Life with ease. Too much of anything is poison. Just like how food becomes poison when eaten in large quantities, too much money in a single person’s hand turns into poison. It floods the mind and body, eating them from within. It corrupts the mind,  brainwashes them into Greed mode, behavioral changes happen, they start getting more strangers who are total friends, lavish spending leads to bankruptcy, isolation prevails and this is the moment when they turn to drugs and alcohols for solace. Now they are back to the starting point and have reset themselves to ZERO. On the other hand if this person had given out small portions of his or her money to people who are in need of it, it could change the life of that person and the people who are dependent on him or her for the better. Secondly the recipient could start a business which would in turn support the family as well as the community. Moreover in the long run when the recipient becomes successful in his or her life, he or she would continue to propagate those small deeds to others and it would continue for eternity, so on ans so forth. This would come back to the donor as it completes the full cycle as a personal satisfaction of having done something good for others, having helped someone, having changed someones life, having touched someones heart and having a good feeling of having done their part in a small way to help the community in which ever way they could . Mind you, they still do have lot of money in the bank to sustain themselves and their family.

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Just like they announce on the airplanes:” When the air pressure drops, oxygen mask will drop and oxygen will continue to flow. Place the mask over YOUR face before helping someone else out with their mask.” This same analogy can be applied in real life too. We need to help ourselves to be self sufficient first before helping anyone in need. This does not mean that we need to wait to help others unless and until we reach the status of multi- Millionaires or multi-Billionaires. Every small deeds does count. It’s like adding a feather to our cap with the execution of each deed. Like the expression: “Little drops of water makes the mighty Ocean and little grains of sand makes the pleasant land”, each of us doing a small deed each day to put on a smile on someones face, adds u[p to a lot. If each of us continue to do so, this artificial World of ours  that we have created for our comfort will be the best place to Live on for ever. It all starts with a single deed, that single person and that first time. Unless and until we take that first step, we will never complete a race in our life. Let’s take that first step together.



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