Failure is the first step in conquering success for most people. We are tested first and then we learn from the mistakes of the first try. There is no rehearsal in the real World of business. Everything is done under the strictest of terms and we are given just one chance at everything. If we succeed we are allowed to fetch the reward. If we fail we will need to step back, reset ourselves to zero and start moving forward. The key here is to have the motivation and the inner drive( I call it the fire within) to fight back, get up and move forward instead of just giving up despite many failures. In real life too, we will fall too often. Of all the failures maybe one door may open up as an opportunity to grab on. If we are wise enough to choose this window, it may propel us into uncharted territory. Having reached this milestone we will need to give it all that we have got. Only then, maybe we may achieve our goal of the so called success in life. There are NO guarantees in life, but there are many chances. We need to try and try again at different things that we love to do, until we succeed. Once we have succeeded, we could replicate it and teach others as well, for them to succeed. This will help us to be HUMAN.

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Before looking for success all around us, we will need to have the courage to fail first. Most of us want to meet success at the first light of dawn. Life does not work that way at all. We will need to start from the bottom rung and work our way up. Sometime we might lose our grip and start falling. In that event, we will need the strength, the courage and the physical will power to hold on to any rung that passes by on the way down. In many cases failure is not an option. When I Immigrated into this country 30 years back just like many immigrants who had come in before me, I have fallen many times, learned on my way down through trial & error, have been cheated, deceived, spit on, cursed, hated and called names. I had worked many jobs that had come my way. But each of those were what I call Life experiences and not adversities. I had to literally fight to save each dollar. I had picked up subway tokens by jumping onto tracks, driven a cab to make ends meet, eaten 50 cent burgers ( 2 for a dollar), has taken towel bath in fast food joints (rest rooms) and delivered newspapers all to make a buck. I have lived in shared rooms which were rat infested and one which had no heat or hot water. I had survived two winters at this place. Rather than complaining and blaming anyone, I had moved on to achieve what I had set out to achieve in the first place. The point here is not to brag but to bring out a point. The point here is to embrace failure in order to achieve success. And when we fall we have to get up each time that we fall by having the courage to get up and act upon. And NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

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In life, no one is going to give anything to us in a platter and no one is obligated to do so by helping us either. Because no one will. Each of them have their own struggles. Unless we stand on our own two feet and support ourselves, we are sure to fall. Even today I think of the struggles that I had faced to make a Dollar. This makes me stronger each time I think about it even today. Back in those days failure was not an option at all when no one supported you, including family. Friends were friends only if they needed you to do some favor for them and which benefited them. You are on your own buddy. I had to make my own decisions at a time when there was no internet and the information that you received from others were misleading or outright wrong. I had to jump off of a cliff and start designing and making a parachute on my way down. There was no luxury nor time for me to sit comfortably on top of the cliff, do my drawings, doing my design and then building my parachute before jumping. I used to walk blocks trying to save a dollar. We used to feast on my roommates bagels for a week ( bagels that are usually thrown out at the end of the day). We used to collect it from eateries and stock it. Many times it was our breakfast, lunch and dinner. There were times when I used to salivate on the sight of food that was being eaten by others at restaurants by the roadside. I could only see it and not touch it, because I could not afford it. This is just a small piece of my life experience. You too may have many experiences of your own. Each of us need to make our own decisions in life and take our own path which we desire. Some we may like, while others we may not.

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Each of us have the inner drive and the ambition to be who ever we want to be and do what ever we want in life. Sky is the limit. You dream it, you can achieve it. It’s all in our mind. Don’t ever get steered away from your dreams of success by anyone who is not YOU. It is your life, not theirs.  Failure is an inevitable part of life and we cannot achieve success without crossing path with failure. Without facing failure success may not taste that good. We may never appreciate success with the same intensity unless we face failure. We may face failure from time to time, but we will need to treat them as a side dish. This will lead us to the main course that we yearn to achieve. As we progress by tasting various dishes, we will soon arrive at dessert time. This is where we could pick and choose what we want and at this juncture we will even have the luxury to pass it to others. When our apatite is full, now is the time to help others with their own dreams. Failure will help us by molding us to where we will need to be and will take us there. Mistakes and failure goes hand in hand. Both of them are valuable teachers. They are our assets and not to be considered a liability.

Now is the time to pull them up rather than push them down. Now is the rime to mentor and do our part in making a difference to our inner self and to help make change in the lives of others all over the World. And Yes, One Man or Woman can make a difference in this World and I do Believe it.




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