Generating TOO MUCH TRASH.

All of us have been complaining of pollution but we are the ones who are creating this mess in the first place. We did not have trash when we started our journey 200,000 years ago. This was because we learned to live with what we had got from Nature. Today we have shunned Nature for modern comforts. We also have seen this headline: ” NOT IN MY BACKYARD.” We want our house and our backyard to be clean but what about others homes and their backyards? Do we care at all about them or are we looking out just for us and out families? This would be considered very selfish in the Human sense. This is what we see happening all around the World. People with money purchase lot plots of land at very cheap prices, convert slums into high rise buildings and sell them at huge profits. Meanwhile the poor dwellers are forced to flee because they do not have a voice nor the money to fight it. People have been living in slums in all major cities for decades. Since the cities are expanding outward from the epicenter, these slum lands have become prime locations. So It has come to be the pickings for the people with money. Guess who have created the slums in the first place?

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So why are we consuming all the unnecessary stuff and creating trash each and every day? Why don’t we compost food waste and transform it into fertilizers? Why don’t we use cotton tote bags for shop instead of using plastic bags? Why do we allow food and plastic containers to enter the kitchen? Why are we even using plastic bottles and are willing to pay a premium price for convenience? Why are we spending money on buying stuff rather than investing on Life experiences? With 7 Billion people on this Planet, the amount of trash each of us contribute on a daily basis amounts to Billions of tons that are being dumped into our Oceans, landfills, deep underground, into our lakes, rivers, streams and ponds too. In short we are literally pollution ourselves to death. Our groundwater, food, marine, domestic animals and entire ecology has been contaminated to the core with Chemicals too, which includes our cells too. So whom do we point the finger at? The answer is ourselves.

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When was the last time we were responsible for our trash? Recycling is not the solution. Manufacturing of unnecessary stuff is. Only 10 % of the collected material is recycled. Recycling is big business. It also takes up a lot of energy. The rest 90% is incinerated in a furnace and is put back into the atmosphere for all to breathe. The best part of it all is that this air is free. We do not have to pay for breathing in these toxic chemicals. So recycling is not the solution to that problem, It IS the problem. Most countries have no enforcement laws towards recycling and creating trash. Those are the free countries, where one can create trash at will, dump trash anywhere at will and pee everywhere at will. So let’s be logical here. If 90% of the countries do not have a plan to deal with toxic waste and trash that has been generated in the billions of tons each day, what is the point of recycling when just 10 % of the counties have so called recycling programs. As we all know toxins and pollutants thrown out in one country can end up on other shores or in their airspace through Ocean currents and wind flow that encircle the globe. Some ones mans actions can affect another mans clean home and their clean backyard. We are all interconnected and so is the delicate Ecosystem of this Amazing Planet.

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So why don’t we nip things in the bud and cut it before the cycle even starts. It all starts with us. As we turn into massive consumers, the demand of the product increases so does it s price. When price goes up, manufacturers come in to get the bounty. Once the product hits the market we all rush into consume pumping up much more demand which in turn inflates the prices even more. More manufacturers come in to fill in the gap. As this cycle continues, more trash is being generated as a result of our unnecessary and excess consumption. This will be a never ending cycle of manufacturing to landfill. ONLY we as consumers have the power to stop it. The less we consume, the less will we pollute. Essential and meaningful consumption is much better than endless unnecessary consumption. Reusable bags need to be chosen by us over plastic bags. Natural foods need to be demanded over mass produced cheap junk foods. Unless we demand we will not get. We need to let them know our requirement so they can satisfy our needs and expectations. We need to start scratching each others backs to make it happen.

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Less trash will yield us more open space that is clean, full of fresh air, water we can drink and bathe in. Today as beach goers we see that there is toxic filth all over the place with sewer being dumped into oceans and syringes with needles attached popping out from the sand. Is this what we want? Any trash that originates starts right within our homes. So we need to clean up our homes before we can clean up our Planet. And it starts with us and NOW.


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  1. BlackSheep says:

    The Prime Dictator would ban all unnecessary manufacturing. That includes the plastic McDonald’s Fry holder that slides into a vehicle’s cup holder. When I saw this the other day I lost it. There is a picture of it on my post:


  2. BlackSheep says:

    Great article by the way


  3. Thank you very much for your feedback. Thank you also for sharing the photo of the fries holder. I am sure it is made of Plastic too just like everything else. Very sad to see food and plastic mix. It has even found its way into our kitchen.


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