Can we make ourselves IMMORTAL?

Nature has created us to be mortals along with all its wonderful creations. If everyone were given this chance to live for ever, Earth would be a very crowded space indeed. As the population grows,  so does the mutation of diseases, lack of food, lack of clothing and lack of shelter. How would we feed the millions who are born each day all across the World. With more input and less output of life, it would be utter chaos here on Earth. So nature has devised this clever plan to keep growth in check and to balance its checkbook. So can we makes ourselves mortal by living for ever? This may be possible in total isolation and in an environment that is free of microbes. This is in reality impractical. But nothing is impossible. Medicine has defied death many times and death had challenged our minds many times in our history.

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So what do we do to prolong our life or make our body last for ever? In recent years, We are trying to freeze our bodies postmortem with the hope of coming back to life a second time and then living for ever. If you show them the money, there will always be a NEW market that gets created to satisfy this kind of crowd. It looks like science fiction today but it can become a reality.  Fifty years back we were talking about flying cars, talking about watching live games on the phone, eating hot foods instantly just by heating it, etc. Today we are seeing this come true in real life. The dreams of yester-years have come true in recent years. Likewise the dreams of today may become a reality tomorrow. If we think it, we can accomplish it. With a few exceptions, of course. From birth to death, it is a journey. The destination is not that important, but the journey is. Many people pass thorough life without even living it. In that process they exit out with a lot of regrets.

Living life each day to the fullest is a dream come true for a few. This is because they are passionate about and fired up each day on what they love to do. Life should be a balance of all elements that makes us Human. If not life would stand out as a burden. Most travel this entire stretch of life, working from dawn to dusk and from birth to death. Here the innate purpose of our existence and the intrinsic meaning of life is lost. The charm, the smell, the texture and flavor of life is lost with it. Nothing is being handed out to us. If we need it we need to go and get it. This takes persistence and perseverance along with deep seated dedication. To pursue these, the fuel that drives that engine is pure passion.

So as Humans our capacity to live against the laws of nature is very slim to non existent. We cannot beat Nature but we can join hands with nature to innovate our very existence. Instead of manufacturing artificial products, we can use the power of cell division to our advantage and help grow skin, tissues and organs. We have not reached that level yet. In the future we may be able to purchase spare parts for our body like we do for automobile snow. In doing so surgeries would be very conservative, patients would be treated as outpatients, healing time would be fast, less to no side effects nor will we have any reasons for the rejections of these replacement parts. Cloning ones self for purposes of living for ever, may be something to add to our list of things to do. But for now we will need to take care of what is given to us as a package. This package is very fragile and must be handled with care. Remember that there are no replacement parts yet. Stay tuned to the future.


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