CAN’T WE all get along as one Species: Humans?

From deep space, the Earth (our home) looks so beautiful that it literally floats on nothing but infinite open space. The moment we land on it’s surface, is when we see all the filth that we have created all around us, the damage we have done to ourselves and the destruction that we have caused to all plants and animals around us. It is also the only blue planet that we know which contains water. It is this water that sustains life and it is from this water that we have evolved from a unicellular organism to the multi cellular organism that we are today. We have all started our journey together from space junk and have ended on this tiny speck of space debris that has chipped off. This explains us of how insignificant we are in this Universe and beyond. We may consider ourselves an intelligent species. Using this gift of intelligence to dominate the Planet by demeaning all its lower life forms (as we call it) can and will bring us down. The reason is without them we will not exist. The entire Planet Ecology is interconnected well even to the smallest scale. Any change that happens at one end of the World will be felt on the other end. This is how fragile our ecosystem is.

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From this space junk is from where each of us have evolved. All of us are in fact alien beings renting this Planet for a short while. We are made up of all elements of the Earth and Space. We may be the alien invaders of this beautiful paradise who will ultimately be the destructive force that brings it to its demise. We have done everything we can to pollute the air we breathe, contaminate the food we eat and even the water we drink. All for the sake of money, a Man-made entity. We are destroying ourselves from within us by consuming toxins. In the end we cannot eat money and survive. After all, how much money do we need to carry us from birth to death, if that (making money) was the end game we had in mind right from the beginning. The game that is being played out day in and day out is to exploit fellow beings and making money any any means possible.

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Our Planet has been divided and subdivided for many centuries by no one else, but us. This has led to the creation of village tribes ruled by Chiefs, then came the Palaces that were ruled by kings and queens, and fast forwarding to today nothing has changed except for their titles that we have given them. Today the title could be President, Prime Minister, Deputy Minister, King, Queen etc. When we start comparing these, the basic inner concept seems to have never changed and have remained the same for centuries. We have further divided ourselves into countries, cities, towns, countries, villages, municipalities etc. Families have been split apart, children torn from their families, couples separated, creating hate between people, creation of the caste system, creation of the untouchables, outlaws, etc are all our doing.  Each and every one of them are Man-made. The fight for money, power and land seems to be endless. There have been more people killed on this planet based on an ideology than by any other cause. When we compare this with all the wars combined, this number truly becomes overwhelming. So why do we have wars in the first place? Man fighting Man. Have we become barbarians of the past? We are literally dividing ourselves and ruling over other fellow brothers and sisters? When we start thinking logically about it, it has no logic and it seems like child’s play. Are we children at heart or are we Adults in Children’s costume? Have we become so immature in spite of calling ourselves civilized? “WAR does no one any good but to the ones who have created that war.” This is a solid statement, probably made by a soldier who had perished in a war. The end result of war will always the same. There will be no winners but plenty of losers.

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All countries have their own Annual defense budget that runs into the Billions of Dollars each year. The purpose of this is to fight and kill fellow Humans. Many of these soldiers have not even met each other, ever or even heard their names. In this case how could someone fight and kill another being while being a total stranger to each other?Now that we are well divided, If each country just use their own defense funds and distribute it equally among its own citizens, each country will flourish very well along with its own citizens.That’s a lot of money that is given out to each citizen to make him or her self sufficient. This would eradicate poverty, disease, homelessness, shelters, food banks, soup kitchens, unemployment lines, brothels, Sex trafficking, slave labors, exploitation, forced labor, child labor, drug houses, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, addiction centers, Casinos, banks, financial institutions, broken families, the unemployed, hatred and bloodshed. This is in reality a very short list. Humans would live in peace with each other by being self sufficient. And that’s what we want. Each and every item on this list exists for a reason and it exists as a system to serve it’s master, the Elite. Everything has a reason and everything is well connected for a reason. Sin has become Universal and is a way to make easy money through exploitation of another Human, another soul. Have Humans become commodities to each other and exist to be traded between each other. On the other hand, NO country has a peace budget. Surprised? Because none exists. This is because there is no money in Peace but there is plenty to be made by dividing people and ruling them WITH FEAR. This is what we are seeing happen all around the World.

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Moreover, with each new division that we create for ourselves each day, the further we will fall away from being Human. When can we all get along? Have we gotten along at all? Will we ever get along with each other?  I don’t think so. I see you nodding your head. History seems to be repeating itself and we are allowing it to happen over and over again by not learning from our past mistakes. Albert Einstein once said: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is plain stupidity. Will we ever learn or will we always remain stupid? In the end, our advancements and our intellect will mean nothing to us when we cannot see eye to eye.


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