BEGINNING to an end.

In Life, there is always a starting point and an end to anything that we do. What starts has to end. Nothing is for ever. Even happiness has its limitation and so is it for sadness. So we need to savor the moment of happiness that comes our way by taking advantage of it. It may be short lived but it is sweet. Just like how success cannot be celebrated unless we have faced failures too, we will definitely need to face sadness in order to appreciate happiness. If a rich man has faced no hunger in his life, how could he preach to the poor about hunger. He might even ask: What is hunger? It does not connect the two.

Image result for tortoise and the hare

Life is full of experiences both good and bad. Its how we use it to our benefit is what matters. Navigating the minefield of problems and hurdles brings us one step closer to our goals in life. What goes up must come down and what comes down must go up. There are no guarantees in life but it always gives us second chances to start over the next day. Our mind is usually the biggest hurdle that we will come across. This can either make us or break us. What we think we become. What we eat we are. Life is not a bed of roses but it can be transformed to our comfort through our efforts. As Humans we are conditioned to compare ourselves with others. Both of us may start at the same time but we may finish the same race at different times. Because each of us have our own strengths and weakness. And only we know about ourselves. Life is not a race. Life is a journey that is to be enjoyed at our own pace. If we forget to enjoy the journey, we may end up forgetting to live life. The Hare and the tortoise dis start at the same time from the start line, but they finished completely different. This is what happens in real life too. We will need to learn to accept ourselves and others for what we are and for who others are.

A person does not have to stay poor for life. In today’s World of technology, anyone can achieve anything they want. All they have to start looking outside the box and act on their instincts. Most of us are boxed in and are unable to find a way out of our troubles. But troubles have come into our lives for no fault of ours or others. Because Life just happens. Start with the end in mind. Tackle the toughest problems first so they are completed and put out of the way. The get hold of the little problems and find a solution to it. To our surprise we may be able to work it out with ease. Life’s complexities should not  be a deterrent to our growth and it also should not be an impediment to our dreams and aspirations.

Life does throw a hard punch at us from time to time. But we will need to fight back with all we have got. If we do not stand up to it, we will be knocked out. Courage, persistence, perseverance, determination, passion, striving, etc may all help us move forward in accomplishing our goals. To propel ourselves forward we need to have the fire within us lit. Without this fire within, we will be dragging ourselves each and every day to work and back. To accomplish anything in life, the first step is to start planning, navigating, marketing and then executing. Here too, there is a start and an end. So what are you waiting for? When are you going to start?


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