THE FACADE of our own Lives.

As Humans each of us want to be loved and be accepted by people all around us. If this the basic requirement for all of us, why are we drifting away from each other with each passing day. We are living our lives as individual isolated lost souls trying to crave attention in this vast Ocean of Humanity. Most of us do not even know our neighbors. We portray to the World only the face that we want to show. That is just 5 % of us. The remaining 95% of our real us is housed inside us and is trying to come out by churning the toxins within us eating us alive from within. The outside World would never even get a chance to see this side of our real us. All the toxins that is built up over the years do bring our resistance down, brings in diseases that attack the body and make us defenseless. At some point something has to give. It is our own body and soul that takes the brunt from years of this abuse.

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Let’s look further into this so called toxins that are housing themselves within each cell add disrupting their individual function. When multiple cells heed to this negative force, the entire body succumbs to its power and strength. These toxins that bring us down eventually are jealousy, hatred, anger, grudge, animosity and other negative emotions. We allow them to live within us rent free and they have indeed turned upon us by killing us from within while we are alive. To get rid of this, first of all we need to stop comparing ourselves with others. Social media is helping fuel this fire of jealousy. People see others traveling to exotic places, eating the finest foods, and shopping like there is no tomorrow. When people see this being posted openly on the internet, all these emotions burst open and spill over out of these cells and flood our body. They will in turn destroy us if we continue to do what we are doing.

Each and every one of us are unique in our own ways. Each of us are special with our own sets of looks, and character. We do not and will not be able to change our character to impress anyone else, unless we fake it. We do not want to be an impostor of anyone else by taking on their identity and losing our own. WE are we. We are a package that comes with its own identity. Let just be us and live like us. They are living their life on this Planet and we are living ours. It is non of our business what someone else does. Our business must stay with us. After all it is our life and not theirs. They have their own set of problems to deal with Unless we are willing to take on their problems too, let’s live our own lives without harming anyone or getting involved with them in any way. They have a life to run too and we have ours.

Life is a delicate balance between living and dying. It is a  fine line that separates the two. Most of are living life by merely existing. All that we are doing is following the money trail day in and day out by walking along the same beaten path to and from work. Then we use that money to pay the bills and that’s the end of it. In short we are living just to work, spend and pay bills. So are we living at all? What are our hobbies, or do we have one? What do we love to do outside of work? What is our definition of true living? What is the purpose of our existence? Why have we been chosen and given the chance to live  on this Planet verses many others? Living life does not mean that we need to immerse ourselves in luxury, having a large bank account or having a yacht docked outside our mansion. Living life does not require all this. It’s simplicity and being humble.

We hear stories of some Ultra High net worth individual leading lives that are not conducive to normal living and are living miserable lives in spite of their vast Wealth. In the end they wind up broke and get dependent on drugs, alcohol etc. Meanwhile the common man would envy his position of Wealth that is being displayed outwardly. But on the other hand people have no idea what is going on inside them. The facade of  anyone always looks beautiful on the outside but it is underneath that we would realize its true nature. Down there, it is a whole another animal. Each of us have our own mask. Which mask would we wish to display to the World around us and which one would we wish to hide deep in a closet ? Only we can make the choice to display our true self.


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  1. Rika Athena says:

    Great post. I agree that many of the toxins that limit our experience of life are simply emotions that we haven’t dealt with consciously and we thus become targets for our own undoing, like jealousy, anger and animosity.


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