What does A CAR do for us?

A Car is a Car is a Car. Point A to point B. It helps move us. It’s that simple. Short and sweet. People do have a pride in their car ownership. That happens only after the new car is paid in full. If its a leased vehicle, it’s a whole new story. A leased car is a rented car. Once the time is up, we need to give it back or we have the option to purchase it at the current residual value. Now let’s dissect and see what a car is all about. It contains a chassis made of metal, transmission, an engine, two axles, four tires, brakes and a steering column. They are all made of metal sourced from Earth, usually it is iron ore that is treated with steel and other alloys for strength, stability and durability. Once the foundation is set, then comes the body with all its bells and whistles, such as heated leather seats, soft closure of door, winter package and other technological features. Basically the basic concept of the car has not changed at all in a hundred years with the exception of the addition of new technology to it. Today’s car looks the same as the first car that had rolled out from the factories of Detroit USA over a hundred years ago. The changes that have been added since then are those of the engine power, the tires, braking system, air conditioning and heating, GPS etc.

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So what happens when the iron ore is tapped from the depths of the Earth’s crust. It is processed through melting, treated and pouring it into prefabricated molds. This is when all parts of a car takes shape. Once all the parts are manufactured, they are assembled into a car from nuts and bolts to the final coat of paint. Once the tires are installed they are ready to fire up the road. Then comes the options. This is point where we start losing it. We start loving a car not as a product but as a person. We start getting intimate with it and start admiring its beauty and power. We start losing sight of people all around us at this point. We literally get obsessed by it to the extent that we go to the car wash each week to buff it up. Today people spend more time in their cars than in their own homes.

Our car is not an asset but a liability. It has become a necessary evil for all of us. Moreover the economics that govern the automobile and energy industry is very interesting to analyze and learn from. They scratch each others backs to coexist and are in bed with each other in order to survive. The concept is very simple. We have a car and a tank of gasoline. Without the car the gasoline becomes useless and without the oil the car would be a useless piece of metal. This also brings in a daily guaranteed revenue stream for the related parties. This follows the standard subscription model. First the consumer buys the car and secondly has to keep coming back to get gasoline over and over again for years. Which other industry can have a more secure and guaranteed revenue stream? Like it or not we are forced to fill gasoline and not water or hydrogen. We do not even have second options for our use, like solar power. Because it does not exist. Oil is king at the moment and has been the center of power and control all the way from the desert sands of middle East to the deep off shore ocean wells.

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Some facts:

  • All a car does is to take us from Point A to point B. That’s it. The rest is marketing. How brilliant is for someone to market a liability as an asset.
  • People fall in love with their cars much more than with real live people. We start loving our New car by considering them new just for the first year, after which we start losing our admiration for them. Then comes the time when we start treating them as old broken tin cans.
  • People spend more on their cars than their loved ones.They do not live in their cars nor spend more time in them.
  • People follow the health of their car very closely much more than their health.
  •  People are also willing to spend much more on their car than on their own health.
  • A car is just pieces of metal and plastic put together. It’s all bits and pieces of everything that’s around us.
  • It has been marketed so well to be portrayed as a status symbol.
  • It is not an asset by any standards, but a liability. It does not appreciate in value in any way or has plans to do so anytime soon.
  • It loses most of its value in the first year. From there on it is a downward spiral.
  • In the end it ends up as trash, be it a $5000 car or a $5 Million car. It gets sold at auction or sold for scrap and parts.
  • Since it is a depreciating liability, it is wise to buy it outright and hold on to it until the end of time.
  • Time to treat a car as a car, a product. That’s what it is. Its property and it is an inanimate object. It shouldn’t be tied to our emotions in any way.
  • A car does not help us pay our bills or help us in any other way.
  • A car sits most of the time in our garage or waiting for us at parking lots or in roadside parking spots.
  • With more than two cars to a family and four exhausts to pollute, we are all doing a fantastic job in making it difficult for us to breathe.
  • We need to demand alternative forms of propulsion systems.The technology is already here. It’s a matter of implemention by giving customers various options. Currently we have no other options. Today all modes of transport is tied to fossil fuels.

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We live in a materialistic World that has a big thirst for excess consumption. There seem to be no end to it. The price of high end cars are skyrocketing and newer varieties of cars are popping up all over the place to meet consumer demands. With lots of muscle power under the hood and people with money ready to buy, the playing field is set for the super rich. Excess money could be used elsewhere to benefit others, instead of it getting wasted for indulging in material possessions. Half of the World’s population goes to sleep hungry where as the other half indulge in food that is usually wasted and thrown out. If there is a way to bridge the two the World would be a better place that is free of Hunger. It’s not that we are lacking in food, we are lacking in being Human. The cost of a car could in essence support the lives of many in a small village for up to a year.While one side is throwing out food, the other side is starving to death. While we are looking the other way, thousands are dying of starvation. Wasted spending is just wasted money. Hard earned money does good to others when it is put to good use. Too much of anything is poison. All of us can spend money on what ever we wish to. After all it is our money. But we also need to think about others. It’s not that we owe them anything nor are they expecting anything from us. But it feels good to be Human on the inside, just for a moment. And my sincere hope and dream is to see our inner Human instincts kick in to help someone in need rather than opening our car window to throw our money out.




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