CONNECTING Prefabricated rooms.

We have been building homes since prehistoric times. We started off living in caves and as we progressed through evolutionary changes, we became master builders of everything from homes, bridges, tunnels and roads. This has helped us connect and bring far off places closer together. Today we are living in apartments and homes that seems to have no character other than they look like boxes joined together. To connect each other and to connect us to the outside World we have doors and windows. Back then people built homes for architectural beauty to express themselves. Today cost seems to be the main factor in how a house is being built. If that is the case why not we look into prefabricated rooms that is pre-made and customized with plumbing, wiring, duct work and joints. This could be done in a factory far away from home or on the outside of a city or town. All we need to do is to transport it and attach it to the foundation on site or we could build it completely on site in the neighboring lot. We could even build skyscrapers this way. Once we have the framework, all we need to do is to joist it in place and connect them together. This requires precision fit and careful planning. Because there are no second chances.

Image result for premade homes inside a factory

With so much homelessness on the streets, and refugees on the way, this could be the most economical way to solve both the problems. We could make small homes with just 4 rooms: Living, kitchen, dining and bath. Once these four cubes are attached, it could be made self sufficient using solar power. The rest of the utilities could be connected from the community. These days with modern technology, it can be made totally green too. This could be a permanent structure or a structure on wheels. This could alleviate the problem of homelessness, and given shelter for anyone who needs a roof over their heads and a little bit of privacy. The most important point of it all is, it comes down to one Human helping another. This is how we can be Human to stay Human.

Mind you Options are always extra.



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