Can MAGNETS help us with MOVING?

We do need help moving from one place to another at some point in our lives. Usually it is for various reasons. But moving is a hassle and a burden. It takes time, effort and costs money. The actual movers do the heavy lifting for us. The movers are in fact trading their muscle power to make money. What if there was a better way to avoid that heavy lifting, and at the same time get the job accomplished effortlessly. That is by the use of powerful magnets. It can do the heavy lifting for us in a controlled fashion. In the era when Maglev trains are speeding on magnetic tracks and are being held by side rails, there is no reason or excuse in avoiding the use of magnets for all applications that can benefit mankind. Cars and trucks should be floating freely using the same technology. Tires should have been a thing of the past by now. We are not living in 1920’s. Time to make change. For this we need to get out of the comfort zone and start making things happen. Just disposing tires off of our cars, trucks, buses, vans, mopeds etc on a daily basis is adding a big pile to the landfill each day. Imagine this pile a year from now.

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Today we are moving giant machinery, truck loads of furniture, cars, oil rigs and even launching heavy ships the old fashioned way. This requires manpower and comes with its own risks. This is also a very risky and dangerous business to be in. Each year many people do get injured, handicapped or die. This could be totally avoided.

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All of us know from our physics class that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. This is what a magnet does. So why not use its properties to our advantage and get the job done of heavy lifting ad moving products and goods from place to place. Even trucks could be fitted with magnetic chassis to aid in lifting it and placing objects in thin air, there by taking the load off tires entirely. The positioning and placement of the entire container can be precisely placed on the chassis with the aid of magnets as well.

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It can also prevent work related injuries on and off site. Our backs might thank us for it. As the World changes each day and rotates around it s axis. With each revolution, we have a chance to change and advance ourselves. With each sunrise and each sunset, we need to be able to see this change happen in real time. Backlogged paperwork, political pulls, holding back, buying time etc are laggards in our own developments. These are obstacles that we are creating for ourselves in our own development through Science and technology. if we are to move forward we need to change the old ways, come our from the dark and move into the light. In short we need to move anything and everything from the old into the new by using magnets to lift ourselves up.


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