Global HUMAN LINK…. a Chain connecting us.

It is virtually impossible to form a Human link that can physically stretch around the Globe. So how about stretch it in the virtual sense. This is the only link that is available to us in connecting ourselves to the link of Humanity. We are all living our fast placed lives. We do not even know our neighbors. All that we do day in and day out is to commute to and from work till we die. The so called golden age of retirement seems to be a rusted one. Golden parachutes do not exist. There are many empty promises being told to us and this is what we are being led to believe. We have been conditioned from from early on in preparation to joint the work force. But the most important aspect of our lives are never being taught to us.- FINANCE. We are never taught on this topic both at home and in the classrooms. So when we come out we are naive and stupid both at the same time. So we are for the pickings by the so called experts and gurus of finance. In the end we have all ended up to be financial illiterates.

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With all these empty promises are taking us along the stretch of highway that is unmarked. It is in fact a road to nowhere. Humans are wired to be social animals. Today we are all but social. We are in fact living on isolated islands in the middle of crowded cities. The link between one Human to another is lost. Everyone seems to be drifting apart from each other. There is no emotional attachment to each other. Even within a family, everyone is locked up in their rooms, eat at different times and are connecting themselves with the outside World through social media. But what’s happening inside our own homes? People today have millions of so called friends on social media but no real friends. Most don’t even leave their rooms to meet someone face to face. Communication is at a standstill. Writing is becoming obsolete. Texting between family members seem to be the norm even if they are sitting on the ends of the same table. Talking is fast becoming non existent. Eye contact does not exist. Self confidence is down.  People are becoming obese and TV’s are becoming slimmer with each passing day. We have lost faith and lost trust in each other but we are looking for faith elsewhere from the unknown. People now turn to religion for solace and comfort throwing huge sums of money at them. Thus religion has become big business for many. Many have built empires exploiting the lack of security in other people. Many seem to fall for it. We have divided ourselves, our borders and even our own Planet. We value land and natural resources over the lives of fellow Humans. Trees do not pay taxes but buildings and people do. No wonder we are destroying ourselves and the World around us. When a forest is being destroyed for farming or raising cattle, we are destroying many micro plants and animals with it.

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Will we ever be able to see eye to eye, and trust each other? Not really. We have been given this unique gift of thinking and are wired to have feelings for each other. But we are all going entirely in a different direction and drifting away from each other. We have complicated our lives much more than it needs to be. Without a common link we would be running side by side like the rail road tracks. They will be able to never meet. Today we have surrounded with all comforts of life in this artificially created society of ours. We are free to buy anything we want at any time. All we need is to show them the money. With all these comfort, people do not feel self sufficient. They want more and more. This is where greed sets in takes hold of everything. People are never happy with what they have. If they have $10 Million they want to make it $100 Million.

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So what does it take you to be happy? Once food, clothing and shelter is covered under our budget, anything else is considered excess baggage. Traveling light is always much more comfortable that burdening our backs with heavy baggage. In addition to all the materialistic possessions that we call stuff, we also have extra baggage under the name of negative and unwanted emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy etc. This serves no one and does not even serves us good in any way shape or form. It also eats the person alive from inside out. It has the power to destroy the holder of these negative thoughts. To have a mind free of these, we need to start thinking clearly. We need to start living our life for us and not for anyone else. We also need to start thinking outside the box. If we don’t someone else will do the thinking for us. We need to create our own dreams and satisfy them for our inner self. We should not be living someone else dream or aspiration or what they had planned for us to live by. We get just one shot at life. Either we start living a happy life or continue to live the miserable existence that we have been living all long. It’s never too late to make the change. Failure in inevitable in anything we do. But the key to overcome it is to get up after we have fallen down. Failing to try would classify as an automatic failure. If we have tried and still have not succeeded, it would teach us a lesson on what not to do moving forward.

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We are all connected by an invisible bond to be HUMAN. We are wired to transfer love, care for each other, stimulate our senses through touch and express our feelings for each other.  But in today’s so called modern society, we tend to internalize all the feelings within us. As the pressure builds, something has to give and it is usually an eruption form within. This is when all hell breaks loose. To be Human does not require expending any energy or money. All we have to be is to be us. No acting required. We should stop comparing ourselves with others. We should start living our lives. What others do is none of our business. In the past many decades, we have moved up from being industrialized to being technological. But what has it done to us. It has split us apart in many ways inside our homes but on the other hand it has connected everyone else in all parts of the World together. Is this Good or bad? Is it a blessing or a curse?



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