A Seed DOES NOT FALL far away from the tree.

We are born into this World not by our choice. We do not get to choose who our parents are nor are we given a choice to be born into a wealthy family. We choose to become who we are or what we choose to do as we mature and age. This is called experience. We come along with a set of characters and attitudes from the minute we are born. From that point on moving forward, it is our choice to choose how we behave and how we interact with the outside World. We can only choose our words and actions wisely. But we do not have any control over others actions or their words. Words are very powerful. Once they leave our lips, it is up for grabs. So we need to choose our words wisely. There are many things in life that is better off not being said.

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As per generics is concerned we may behave the same way as our parents do or follow anyone along those lines in terms of behavioral characteristics. The seed of any plant does fall close to its parents and sprout from there while the parent die by their side. Similarly certain behaviors of us reflect from our parents. This is inevitable in many cases. As we grow and mature many things are instilled in us such as religion, name etc. But as we age and learn about the World around us, we need to keep an open mind to look outside the box and start living in the 21st century AD rather than in the 8th century BC. Ideologies and thinking has changed as millennia has passed, but most are tending to stick and hold on to age old ideologies and though processes. This may have a negative ramifications on their individual growth and development as a modern Human Being.

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Today we live in a World that lives in close proximity to each other. The entire World does fit into the palm of our hand. We can get things done right from our home. All we need is a computer, a credit card and an internet connection. Back in the dark ages, people lived in various tribes that were scattered all around the World.  Even though our seed is sown close to home, we do tend to be carried away by wind and birds to far off places, from where we could grow, mature and expand to lands far away. But we can learn a lot from our roots. Roots gives us a way to connect to the past and at the same time appreciating what we have thereby enabling us to look to our future. It paves the road for all of us. It is always wise to learn form our ancestors. We can definitely learn a thing or two from them.

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Our parents have lived their time in the past. Today it is our time to live in the present and not in the past. We also need to learn form their mistakes. Many mistakes have been made due to the though process and traditions of those times. Many may not even apply to today’s living. Today the global cities are as diverse as there are people. People migrate each and every day to conduct business, visit places and travel extensively to experience life. Variety is the spice of life. Traveling helps us experience all this in real life. It helps us open up minds and look different and feel invigorated. Knowledge is power. But this power does not come from books. It comes from traveling to places, meeting people, communicating, tasting their food, sampling their culture, learning their language and admiring their culture and traditions. If all looked the same, and ate the same there would be no need to travel at all.

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Old habits die hard. But everything that we have been doing since we were born has been a habit that had been conditioned in us. Such as brushing our teeth, showering, making the bed, putting on clean clothes, doing chores etc. So what have we learned beyond of what was taught to us by our parents? Each day is a chance for us to learn more of something. Anything. We need to get out of the well and see the World outside and experience life. We do not want to be like a frog that lives in a well and all that it knows is the perimeter of that well. Our parents has given us the foundation to build upon. We need to take it from there.



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