Are WE LIVING for US or for the society?

This IS THE most important question we need to ask ourselves. Are we living for us or for the society? We need to be impressing ourselves much more than we trying to impress others. Because it is our life and we are the star of our show. Others come and go to and from our lives. But in the end what remains of us is us. If we do not take care of ourselves who will?  Keeping up with Joneses is one such example of  trying to impress others by collecting stuff with the money that we do not have and by getting into debt. Most important of all is the same people whom we are trying to impress do not even care what car we drive or whether we live in a mansion or a hut. If we get into debt for the sake of impressing others it is our stupidity and our ignorance.


Each day we need to live for us and not for anyone else. Living others dreams that are NOT our own means that we are allowing someone else to take reign of our life and to have control over us. Life is a balance of everything that we do and that we don’t do. All of us have been given the same chances in life. It is up to us to use it or lose it. We should be having control over our own lives and run it as if it is our own. Would you allow someone else to live in your house and give them full control over what you do and when you do it or have them say when we are allowed to do a certain task? Our home is our abode and it is our private space.  We have collected and arranged all unwanted stuff to accommodate our conveniences in life.

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Most pass through life trying to take the identity of someone else whom they are not. They are expecting respect, attention and craving for an identity. This sets them loose in search of their own. In that process they try to pick up others body language, way of dressing etc in hopes of getting recognized by others of which is socially acceptable for others. Each of us have our own identity. We should not be copying someones else identity and living our life as an impostor. Many people question themselves: What will others think of me? Will they accept me for who I am or for what I have? Would they respect me only if I drive a luxury car or live in a large mansion? Would others kids accept my kids if they went to Private school vs a public school?

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This is NOT the public doing it to us but it is us doing it to ourselves. It is our brain and our thought process that is doing the thinking. The seed of thought has been planted by no one other than us in our own brains. It is our own thoughts followed by our own actions through pour own assumptions that is giving us the results of getting us deeper in debt in order to impress others by showing off our wealth. If wealth is all that is being used to judge a person, we need to stay away from such friends or family who uses this metric to weigh us. A Human being needs be judged by what who or she is and not by what he or she has. Character always prevails. Truth triumphs lie. Traditions, rituals and cultures have been passed down generations. They were meant to unite people and not to divide them. They have a reason to be in existence even today – That is to prevent us from straying away from self discipline and self control. Getting up each morning is a boon that is given to us to keep moving forward. Living for ourselves has a greater purpose. This helps us open our eyes each morning to see the Sun, feel the wind and listen to the birds. Only we can define and execute our own purpose in life. This life will have a meaning to it. Without our purpose in life and living for someone else would make our very existence meaningless.

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We need to live for us, care for others, help others and give back to fellow Human beings. It has nothing to do with money. We do not have to give anyone money or help others with food. All they ask of us is to treat them as a Human being. In return we can ask them to be Human just like us.


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