Who are WE and WHO put us here?

Science is the discipline that supports our theory of life itself. It is a way by which we try to prove our very being and how to got into the picture of existence. More than than Science is a form through which we bring postulated theories of possible origins of ourselves, Earth, our Solar system and Galaxies that exists beyond our reach and our field of vision. As we all know from various Scientific data that we have evolved from being a unicellular organism to the multi cellular organism whom we are now. It did not happen over night. We also know that we have started our lives from water, then walked on fours and now we have transformed ourselves into bipedal beings. Walking on fours takes up a lot of energy and with limited vision, the locomotion is slow. Once we got on to twos we could see far ahead and run faster than many animals across vast distances. We also started losing hair from our bodies and started to sweat in order to cool off. Animals are capable of running long distances too but their fur causes them to overheat to exhaustion. Many do die from it too. We may be the only mammal who can sweat to stay cool and to prevent overheating. So at least in theory we can keep running.

Image result for our position in space

Image result for our position in space

So who are we and who put us here? I would say we are given a unique chance to live our lives on this planet that is positioned in the safe zone where life can prevail. Too close to the Sun and we would be toast and a bit far away we would freeze. Why is it that there is just one of us ( the only known planet with Life) in the vast expanse of dark space. I am sure that there is plenty of Planets just like ours with water and air that can support life out there. It would be very naive and stupid to think otherwise. With billions upon billions of Galaxies out there with their own Sun, we are just a very tiny speck of sand in the vast infinite space. How are planets positioned perfectly in space and how is it that they move in their own path of rotation around the Sun without ever colliding? We mat say it is gravity and magnetism that is holding it in place. Let’s take a look at another view. With trillions of asteroids and meteorites around us, how come we have survived so long and have made it to being the so called Modern Human being of today?

People can call it a power or call it God so by way to have belief in something that have given rise to our very being. But can we see, touch or feel God? Does he or she exist at all? On a scientific standpoint, we have all branched out from the so called Big bang theory of collisions many light years away from its origin. We are in short made up of space junk. We are made up of all Elements that are found in nature and when we die, we will be rejoined back to Earth. After which no one would even know if we ever existed. Our time is now. That;s all we have got. One chance and one chance only. All other theories of afterlife and what not cannot be proven nor have it ever been proven. Religion is Man made and it has turned out to be a big business. It does not mean we need to turn a blind eye to it. Religion is plain belief in something or someone. The founders of all religions were Human beings. They were the CEO or founders of those religions.We should embrace religion to bring people together, share thoughts, respect each other, help each other and care for each other. We need to give more than expect something in return. Giving has and must have nothing to do with money. But today all religion has established itself for is for making money. Once money comes into play and enters any institution, it becomes a BUSINESS. The Word God does not preach violence, but each and every religion does preach Peach, love and Harmony. Religion gives psychological security for many by having them hold on to some belief. This is very commonly seen among the poor and among seniors. This lack of security happens when people are left to fend off on their own and to survive on their own. They are usually the elderly, handicapped, invalids and the poor. This is where this virtual form of security comes into play.

Image result for safe distance from the sun

We are doing great and have done great for ourselves by growing our civilization and flooding it with all modern comforts. Not bad for a being that is made of space Junk. The one and only chance that we have in life to live our lives is from birth to 100. What we do during this time while we have something within us called “Life” is of utmost importance. If we lose this only “Life” by not living it or not following its intended purpose, we are literally wasting it. We might as well give the chance to someone else who would use it wisely and for the purpose for it has be given and instilled into someone or a body. Most people think that all that Life is about is to work, spend and pay our bills. This is not life at all. This is one wing of this artificial life that we have created for ourselves. It is not be all end all. There is more to life than just this. We are given this unique chance to do something with our life. It is us who have been given this chance to live life with a purpose than it be given to someone else. Now that we have it, we need to use it responsibly and not waste it. Each of us has a purpose in life. Only we can find it and no one else can help us with it. It need to carried out on our own and to our own satisfaction. Because in the end it is our own life and it will be our own death. When the time comes, we should have the felling of self satisfaction, self accomplishment, and having helped many people all around us. We should leave this World with no regrets and having fulfilled everything on our TO DO GOOD Bucket list.



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