What is THE Purpose of our Existence?

Each of us have our own perceived purpose of our individual existence. There should be a purpose in anything that we do. Everything has a reason. Each activity that we carry out each and every day is done with  a purpose in mind. We go to work to make money so it can support our lifestyle. We need to cook daily at home so as to eat a healthy diet. We go to the gym because we lack exercise. We are doing all these not because we want to, but we need to. Most of us are getting up each day and commuting to and from work just to put food on the table. Our monetary system is designed to enslave all of us. And it seems to have done a great job so far. Without getting involved in the currency by which it it stands, we would be losing out. Today more than half the World is in debt and living off of credit to pass each day of their lives. Gone are those days where bartering was the norm and when people helped each other not with money but with kindness and love. Today this norm has completely disappeared. Every Man is for Himself or Herself. We have divided ourselves in so many ways- rich or poor, black or white, upper class or lower class, Superior caste or the untouchables, religious or atheist, etc etc. This division seems to be even broader by further subdivisions from country borders, state lines, county lines, municipalities etc.

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We are a tiny speck in the grand scale of things and this applies even to our very existence as an individual who is situated on this tiny floating space junk. When we zoom ourselves out even further we do really look completely insignificant. At this juncture, metaphorically speaking we do not even exist. We have come into this World naked and we will be departing the same way we came in, naked to the skin. We do not own anything nor will we ever claim to be owners of anything. We are mere mortal souls given a minuscule time to live on this Planet by living our lives for the better good of other. We are not meant to live our lives in artificial comfort but to love each other, care and take care of each other. This means we need to have a collective support system that enables us to pass through life with minimal adversity. Why were we given a life that resides within us in the first place? Remember, everything has a reason and a purpose. Why were we the chosen one? Why were the billions of babies who are born and who had died prematurely? Why were they not given a chance over us? What makes us so special? Given this opportunity to inhabit this planet, what is our purpose and mission in life. Fighting for land, property, mate, religion, etc does not seem to fit the intended purpose for which we were allowed to be born into this World.

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Now that we are here, what are we going to do? Have we done any good to anyone. No one is born a drug dealer, a thief, a rapist or a terrorist. It has been conditioned or instilled in us by society. What we take in is what we become. What we take in needs to be controlled ONLY by us and not by anyone else. If anyone else tells us how we need to live our lives, we are literally giving up the control of us having control over our very lives. We might as well give up and stat living as a slave to them. We are living in the World of technology today. We can get any information that we need at the touch of a few buttons. We need to have an open mind, open up our mind and start exploring ourselves to satisfy the curiousness that have built up inside us over the many years of living life. Time to get out of our comfort zone and start exploring in order to get the answers that we need. If we do not start thinking for ourselves, someone else will do it for us and reap the benefits all for themselves. We take in garbage, that’s what we get. Each of us are Human. Our artificial divisions has led to the creation of individual countries and individual colonies from what we have learned from our past. It was bought on by turning one Human against another by way of dividing and ruling. Today the rich rules the poor. Even though we are a global society today, old scars do remain. The only people who have benefited from the whole fiasco are those very individuals who had created this division in the first place. No country was won by peace, always it was by war. And as we all know war is a big business that benefit a few Elite and brings in misery for the masses. The rule of divide and rule applies here as well. Creating enmity between one Human and another based on man made divisions is not what we are here for. We are not here to fight for land or to fight for religion. We are here to collectively live together, work together and make the passage through life easy for everyone, meaning Each and every Human being on this Planet.

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Our society treats a homeless person completely different from a Man with boatloads of Money. He is Human just like you and me. He has come into this World the same way as you and me and will depart the same way, back to the soil just like you and me. After we are dead, it is the end of the line for all of us. People do talk about reincarnation, after life etc. What is the point of going to the other side supposedly and trying to do good over there, when you are her now and can do a lot more now than later. Today is guaranteed, tomorrow is not. Today is reality, tomorrow is a myth. There may be no afterlife after all. It is all in our creation of these fantasies that is misleading us from the lives that we have in us now. If we cannot do something good to someone now, when are we going to carry out those deeds? Is it after we are dead? Scientifically there is no heaven or hell. Human brain can be conditioned to believe in what ever we lead it to believe. If someone is brainwashed from the early age, he or she is going to continue to believe what they have been told by their parents and grandparents. But did we ever stop and think- Who had told their parents and grandparents? Were they brainwashed too. I would think so.

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What we think is what we will become. We are living in the 21st century not in the 5th. Through processes have changed. We need to start thinking outside the box to bring out logical thinking from deep within us. Today we live in the age of information overload (IO). There is no excuse to thinking the old ways and acting based on what was taught to us back then. Today we are responsible, and modern day adults capable of logical and intelligent thinking. We need to move forward and not backward. It’s not that the old is bad. Old is Gold when it is applied right to our modern way of living. Fighting for land and acting on age old thoughts does not bring in anything constructive to any of us, but by learning from the past mistakes and mending our behavior to the modern times will help change our civilization for good, in a positive way. In short each of us will need to have an inner answer to the question: What is THE purpose of our existence?



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