Why do we have LOCKS, KEYS and RECEIPTS?

We have come in, we are here and we will be staying on the Surface of this Planet for a short while. We will be renting this space and not buying any part of it. When our time comes, we will depart the same way we came in- WITH NOTHING. We will become part of Earth at some point after our death. Even though our life is very short in comparison with the Geological time scale, each day we are trying to make money by what ever means in order to accumulate stuff. Once we are gone this stuff becomes useless to the following generation. In the end this ends up in the landfill along with all other stuff that others have thrown out.

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Then why do have something called a lock, a key or receipt. All of these have one thing in common and they exist for a reason. LACK OF TRUST. We do not trust each other. We have never trusted each other ever nor will we ever trust each other at any point in the future. There is a lot we can learn from our history. The History of Mankind. Because we are not the type that learns from their past mistakes, we will continue to make the same mistakes as the previous generations and the generations before them. We had had locks and keys to castles, dungeons and safes ever since Man first stepped on this Planet. Today in addition we have legal documents and receipts. Every business transaction need to be attested and filed using a third party. Each layer of this carries with it a lot of distrust. This is the reason for its prime existence. This requires signatures, stamps and seals. This is again due to the fact that we do not trust each other at all.

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Trust has become a very hard to find commodity these days. I have used it in the context of a product because it is sourced in the view of a product rather than an internal form of emotional attachment to ourselves. Today we have safes, vaults and bunkers to safeguard products by keeping it away from each other. We also have doomsday scenarios where we are preparing to survive ourselves by protecting ourselves from each other. Thus has led to a boom in the construction of doomsday bunkers deep underground that is stocked with food, weapons and everything else. In short we are trying to outsmart each other just to survive for ourselves. Having survived all these centuries by crossing evolutionary lines, have we come down to this level of trying to survive just for us? Do we ever care for others? Each of us in reality need each other for our own survival. That’s why we have been living in cities rather than living in isolated villages with no Medicines, safe running water or power.

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If we are walking on the sidewalk in  a large city and say we pass out due to Cardiac arrest. We will need the help of EMT’s, passerby’s, Ambulances, doctors, hospitals, nurses, dietitians, technologists, Medical device operators, phlebotomist, radiologists, hematologists etc to help us back on our feet. Without them we would not survive at all. No Man is an island and we will never survive staying away from the crowd. We are social beings and not solitary beings. Today we have virtual locks for everything these days, but we have more cyber-crimes than real physical crimes. This crosses National and International borders. In due course hopefully we may start to live in a World with no locks, no keys, no documents and no receipts. We may even fantasize living in a World with no money, no greed, and no wallets. Bartering would be the way to live. No one would be rich nor poor. Everyone would be self content, and happy. Maybe I am the only one thinking it. No matter what happens in the fantasy World, in reality everything depends on one thing- Trust.

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When trust is lost everything is lost. And Trust gives us only ONE CHANCE. It is up to us to keep our part of the bargain.



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