PLEASE and THANK YOU: The Golden words.

Rare have these words become. They are as simple as saying Please and Thank you. As we all know words are much more powerful than muscular power. Our tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. It has the power to create or destroy. The words that come out of it can be powerful. When we speak from our mind thorough our tongue, it says a lot about us, who we are and what we stand for. Once the word leaves our tongue it can never be taken back. So we need to choose our words wisely. Somethings are better off not said at all. If we are wanting to say something to someone, it is always better for us to say something nice than to hurt someone with harsh words. Sometimes if that someone does not like somebody else for what ever reason, it is better for one party to move away from the other. This scenario will play out much better for both parties than one sticking around and doing things behind their backs or using harsh words against them. Words do have the power to hurt and this wound lasts for a lifetime.

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“Please” and “Thank you” are the simple Golden words that has the power to move mountains. It also soothes the soul by gaining acceptance. It may also be the mantra where people do succumb to its charm. Many complex things can be accomplished by being considerate, respectful and polite to each other and by treating each other how we would want to be treated. Every activity that we perform is mutual and should be meaningful to each other. If not it defeats the purpose of being Human. We all know of the expression that Pen is mightier than the sword. I would say our words are much mightier than the pen itself. When we write something it can be erased, shredded or even thrown out, because it is on simple paper. But words on the other hand is resonating from our voice-box and is expelled into the surrounding air. The medium of air that carries these in the form of voice is unstoppable once it leaves our tongue. It also leaves no mark behind. In the age of voice recognition, identification and storage, this does leave a mark behind just like what paper does. This leaves a paper or a voice trail as the case may be.

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Today face to face meetings have become outdated. Most of our communication is done through the telephone, fax, email or text. Rarely do we go into video conferencing for our business needs. So we hardly have a chance to tie a face to our contact list. So most of us are only being bombarded with phone calls on a daily basis. This brings into the picture the power of the words that come out of our mouths. These words better be meaningful to spark a new relationship than to break one. In the end what we say is what matters. WE are using words to communicate anyway. So why not use the right words in the right context to use it to our advantage and to our benefit. Words which are inappropriate, harsh, rude, cunning, clever, toxic and disrespectful have never landed anyone a job nor has it produced anyone positive results. So why use it anyway. Why not we make our lives much simpler than what we have running now. Let’s be soft and bring about the best in us through our careful use of the words that come out of our mouths. Thereby we may make a new friend or two who has the same friendly and open mindset as us.


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