DO WE have enough time?

Do we have enough time? For What I would ask? Time and tide wait for no one. All of us have been given the same amount of time at birth 0-100 plus. And each of us have been given the exact 24 Hours a day. It is what we do with that time that counts. We can sit back and watch TV or do something worthwhile being creative or just keep working like usual until we die. In this modern age of business everyone we see seems to be busy and are always keeping themselves busy. What are they doing to keep them so busy? Are they acting busy for others to see? Are they truly busy that they do not not have the time even to meet you and spend time with you? By doing so have their priorities got mixed up or do they really do not have any time for you? Are you their priority at all? That’s the question we need to ask ourselves. Not everyone will be our friend and not everyone will be our foe either. Each of us are Human. The split of friend and foe is categorized by our own mind, our thought process and by way of our thinking.

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Soldiers are conditioned to do what they are told to do by receiving orders from the hierarchy of commanders. They are all Human too. They are sent to war to kill. This applies to both sides. Why would someone kill a total stranger whom he or she had never known before, never seen before and has had no prior animosity or adverse emotions towards. Isn’t this a conditioned behavior that is instilled in us while growing up and built up over time by society. Only time will tell if a childhood resentment can manifest itself into destructive behavior as we age to maturity. It takes a lot of courage, time, wisdom and experience to do what is right and what is wrong. We shouldn’t be doing things that is immoral, dishonest, unethical, or illogical just because we have been conditioned to do those things by someone other than us, meaning our own mind. We should be living our lives in our own terms and not by someone else’s mindset or thought process. As we age we attain wisdom through our own personal experiences and by learning from others experiences in life. Our intellect is what make us Human. We are social beings who are wired to connect and create. If we do not use this gift of intelligence in the way it was designed for, we might as well live like animals with the sole purpose of eating and mating just to produce off springs and populating the planet.

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As time passes, it heals everything. but it is us who is the prime initiator of all problems in this World. We have created this and brought it upon us to ourselves. Life will be simple if we choose to live simply. Simplifying our lives gives us a lot back in terms of dividends. It takes out the clutter, stress and stuff out of our lives. Our time on this Earth is finite but time will still go one without us after we pass. Once we are gone we are gone for ever. There is no coming back. We will also be forgotten the very minute we pass. We will even lose our identity and we will be labeled a BODY. All the chance we have got is now. It is our one and only chance. Remember, we are only renting this Planet for our short stay here. It is just a stop over. From here on our journey will cease when our heart stops beating and when our brain die. The next leg of the journey will be bacterial decomposition of our very self, back to the soil. The finite time we have been given need to be used up wisely. This time cannot be overspent like having more money. We can make more money but we cannot make more time.

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What will eventually remain of us in the end are the memories of us in their minds, both good and bad. Hopefully all that we do while we are alive is to do good. As time passes this too will disappear. As generations keep coming and as we keep moving backward we will soon be completely forgotten. Just for example, do we even know who our forefathers were or will we ever know or even see any of our grandchildren who may be born in the future? We will never know about our past or our future. SO this IS our time. When a person needs help, helping out does create a pleasant experience in both of us. Both benefit in someway. How we make someone feel is what it says about us and nor by what material gifts that we shower them with. Emotions are much more powerful than materialism. Hope we are able to use our emotions to steer and help people by making a positive and memorable impact in their lives. With the limited time that we have and as the clock ticks on- This is a RUSH ORDER for us to good to others. Hoping to have this Rush Order shipped overnight to all the 7.5 Billion People who call this Planet our Home. If each of us do our part in rushing our orders, the World will take care of itself. It will make it easier for all of us and the rest of us.


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  1. Viswanathan Sundararajan says:

    Nice and well written article Sir


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