FEAR can sell anything.

Instilling fear has been a tactic that has been employed in various fields to sell anything and everything. “What if” scenarios are the common tactics that are used to control our emotions and our subconscious mind. Insurance companies exist for this very purpose and have done their job very well so far. Policies are literally virtual products that require no manufacturing and no physical work for it to sell. It is literally a contract that uses an adage and a legal play of words to run their business. Fear does run this World today. Whether we like it or not, war is a big business that is triggered to bring about fear and it has nothing to do with peace. People have been fighting war after war for these many centuries and still we see no end to it. Moving forward we will still be seeing more of it.

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Because it is all about money, power and resources for the very few Elite who control it all. Doomsday scenarios brings about growth to other fields such as builders of underground bunkers and arms. Food scarcity can rise the price of corn and other staples. Lack of water can bring about war, disease and suffering. Lack of money can bring about broken families and a stressed life. In short any scarcity can bring about fear in us. This fear may be our driving force to propel us forward or drive us back in fear. Why are we paying more for Organic food? How do we know it is Organic? Two Cauliflowers will look the same without them being labelled. once we eat it the evidence is gone. How do we prove one is organic and the other is not? Are we trusting the labels blindly? It is because of fear that we are conditioned to blindly trust what society throws at us. Why are many people taking aspirin on their own to prevent cardiovascular complications? When did we start becoming our own doctor, even without knowing if we had an underlying unknown blood disease. Aspirin is a Chemical too. Either it can destroy the body or the disease will. Medications are not candies nor is the internet a Doctor. Medications must be taken only under the care of a doctor and based on hos or her recommendation. Fear does drive our own mind in unimaginable ways.

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Healthcare should be a right for all citizens of any country but today it has become a business empire . With too too many hands in the pot and too many cooks working on the soup it has been corrupt to the core. The doctors are being controlled by third parties to produce more and bill more procedures. Some do work on commissions too. Meanwhile the star of the show – The Patients are not getting the quality care that they are entitled to. When money comes into the picture of any business it indeed automatically becomes a for profit business entity. No matter how we cut the slice this is what it is – a Business in its own right. Health is a birth right for all and it should be free to all citizens, paid for in full by pooling in the money of all the taxpayers. Why are third parties controlling the entire industry of Healthcare. It is supposed to be a relationship that exists between a doctor and a patient. Today we have a middle man for everything these days that are driving up the costs.

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Fear does help us grow at times but on the other hand fear also can be destructive to growth. It can also curtail growth in certain instances. Unless we as consumers get educated and ask questions, we may never get the right answers. When we are ignorant or innocent we will be taken for a ride. When this happens, we are cornered into a tight spot.This is when the the fear spikes. This brings about irrational thinking and rather wrong decision making. This in turn clouds our memory leading to further deterioration of our brain chemistry. When this happens we succumb to fear and start losing our thought process. Fear does bring about a fight or flight response in us. Logical thinking does goes out of the window at this juncture or it takes a back seat.

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Being well informed, current and well educated will help us in regaining our confidence in ourselves and this will prevent us from getting stuck in the mud or a smokescreen that is put out by pyramid schemes, scammers, hackers and others of that nature. When we see it coming we would soon recognize it from a distance. It all comes in with experience and wisdom of having got burnt previously once or twice in our life.We cannot read the whole story in books. Life is full of experiences that we need to get experience d in to learn form. Fear is one of them. We have faced fear many times before in our lives. We have faced the fear of failure, the fear of defeat, and the fear to risking it all before at some point in our lives. The most important thing is to learn from it and not to run away from it. It is like a wild animal that need to be tamed before it is domesticated to our liking. This is in fact the inner animal in us that is fighting for its own life within us. Instead of succumbing to it, lets face it head on. It will teach us a thing or two about success and failure. This is what fear is for.




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