We seem to be having too much time on our hands to procreate. Sex happens round the clock all around the World, day and night in all parts of the World. From the microscopic plants and animals to the Giant animals of today, all of them are doing their part in sustaining their own species in preparation for their own future generations. But we Humans on the other hand are trying to bring about our own extinction through our irresponsible activities. When we started out as One Man and One Woman somewhere on this Planet, we had the instinct to put our emotions and Chemistry to work. Fast forward to today these emotions seem to be getting stronger. As our population grows and as we have come out of our comfort zone within the confines of the basics of food, clothing and shelter, we are driven more and more to create more of us. The divisions that we have created among ourselves have also created in many parts of the World to have more children. This could be as a result of ignorance, lack of education and control by some ideology. This results in working towards World domination by some sects of divide in order to control and dominate the rest. The only way it can be done is through bearing more children than the rest of us. In 20 Plus years, we will all see that result. Today the work is put in place in darkness and in total secrecy for all to see. The fruit is in the works behind the scene but in plain sight.

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Why do we have wars and Natural calamities? Why do we have artificially created, Chemical spills and accidents? In a way Nature does keep an account on check and balances. For it to control itself it needs to balance its checkbook each and everyday in order to sustain itself. Nature has the ultimate power to create or destroy us in a flash. We are here for a reason and a purpose. We are given an unique chance to inhabit his Planet and use all its Natural resources for Free. Where else can we get this deal. But it is not free for all. It’s all about money, power and control. Only a handful of Elite has grabbed the reigns of power from the rest of us and are living their life loaded with money, power and fame. It’s all about them. They make the rules and they break them too. They have been given the power to manipulate the laws to suit their own personal needs.They are the true masters ( the 1%) and the rest of us are their slaves ( the 99 %). This is in fact modern day slavery. We do not see it but we can feel it.

Population Control

Half the World lives in Hunger each and every day. Many die each day due to lack of food, disease and cleaning drinking water. The other half lives in excess consumption leading to pollution, greed and animosity between each other. How would a rich Man know what hunger is unless he has experienced it at some point in his own life? Hunger can only be described, or experienced and not shown. Education and the lack of ignorance in this World can lead to making logical decisions that can lead to population control in a family. The poor and the vulnerable are the usual victims to population explosion. With too many mouths to feed, the whole family suffers.

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Wars are created by Man to benefit a few. There is money to be made when there is war. But peace brings no money, so it always as it s place in the back burner and thus stays in the back seat. it has not voice and no say in what happens. Because it too is a slave. It is kept in isolation and in the darkness. Many diseases that we see and those we have not seen yet are also hybrids that come into our lives through through the back door unseen and they form the silent killers of the modern World. Many of them could be our own creation which can ultimately bring to the destruction of our own species.

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Accidents happen each and every day. But what are we doing to avoid them? We have come so far from the horses and buggies of the Past century. Most inventions were made during the turn of the century which had made our lives much easier such as washing machines, toasters, driers, microwaves, oven, refrigerators, cars, planes, trains and ships. Without which we would have lost a lot of time and lost a lot of opportunities to meet people , see places, taste foods, try on dresses and learn languages, just by travelling from Point A to Point B. I call this “Earth Hoppers.” In fact, by taking a plane, we are hopping from one part of the Earth to the other in search of experiences, opportunities and sight seeing.

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Accidents can be completely avoided and its rate of occurrences brought down to ZERO. Since 1900’s no new invention in transportation have been made to prevent accidents completely in relation to transportation. We have the technology and we know the know how? So why don’t we get it done in order to save lives? With Magnetic Levitation, there is no friction between tracks and with the entire care floating off the tracks the speed can be exponential. When we factor in a new propulsion system, we can bring about change from the old. The bumper of each car that opposes each other can be carrying like poles. Like a magnet it would repel each other. So there is no bumping into each other at all. Unless we change there will be no change at all. It will be status quo. To see change we need to come out of our cocoon and our comfort zone, face barriers head on to achieve what we want to achieve. By using magnetic technology we can bring about change and save many lives all over the World just by having the courage to look outside the box and make it happen. If we don’t we will continue to be living in prehistoric times heading backward. As per the population, we will continue to do what we do best- Populate this World on one side and continue to have accidents on the other.




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