DO WHAT IS RIGHT and NOT what is easy.

Doing right and staying true to ourselves will give us a long peaceful life and will help us travel through life with no regrets towards the end. During which time we will be able to depart having lived our lives to the fullest and in our terms. We can sleep well at night too. We also do not have to watch our backs that often. To do what is right does not need any special effort from us nor do we need to have a good memory. All we need to do is to right and say what is right. In short we need to do and say as it is. Doing right does not mean that it is going to be the easy way out in any situation. Sometimes truth do test us in strange ways. But to stay truthful to our conscience requires us to stay our ground and beat all odds that stack up against us. This requires, patience, courage and persistence. Most people follow a shortcut to their destination, but this shortcut may not be always the right way to approach and do things. It may be easy to do but it might not be the right way to do it. Doing right is not always easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. It may be hard at first and it may be tempting to follow the crowd with a heard mentality in taking the short cut, but following the herd will bring in more competition. Instead we should choose to take the tough, longer path where we will be creating our own path with no competition to stand in our way. This path will not be crowded and the path to the finish line will be free and clear.

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Advantages of doing things right:

  • We do not need second chances.
  • We do not have to repeat anything twice.
  • We stay truthful to ourselves and others.
  • We do not need an excellent memory to remember what we said to whom.
  • Being honest and maintaining our integrity is a way of life. It helps us connect to our inner self.
  • In doing the right thing always, we do not ever have to see if someone is watching us at all.
  • Helps us sleep like a baby.
  • We may not need to look over our shoulder to watch our backs.
  • We only need to answer to ourselves and not to others.
  • The truth will always remain the truth no matter how we slice the bread.
  • The truth always wins.
  • We do not have to prove anything to anyone.
  • Doing things right always gives us a peace of mind that only a few experience.
  • In the end we will have no regrets of having done anything wrong.
  • We maintain credibility and our words will have some meaning to others.
  • We would be respected in society as a honest, dedicated and a reliable person.
  • We always mean what we say and we always do what we stand for.
  • We do  not take shortcuts. The road ahead may go uphill and is winding but will will push ourselves to achieve what we need to achieve no matter how hard.
  • Doing right always tells the World we we are, what we stand for and what our philosophy in life is. It also says a lot about our character as well.

Image result for hard things and easy things represented by roads

Life gives us no guarantees but it gives us choices. Either we can do it right the first time or we can take the shortcut, cut corners and get the job done half way to no ones satisfaction. It is our life and it is our choice. There is only one chance to make that first impression. Because there is only one Life and there is only chance at giving our best shot. Let’s do the right thing – ALWAYS.


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