Today, Our World revolves around Money, Power, Politics and the right connections. This is the norm we have created for ourselves where the rich and the well connected have the doors automatically opened for them. They show them the money and they are given the green light. As for the rest of us we are at everyone’s mercy. We only see the red light everywhere we go. We are stopped everywhere, searched, stripped and have to go through every possible hurdle that is thrown at us. But we are the one who have voted people to power and we hold the majority. And it is us who hold no one responsible and also allow others to abuse the rest of us, the 99 %. In life, if we allow others to abuse us, they would be very happy to do so and exploit us. This is what we see happening all around the World.

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The only thing we can do for the rest of us is to hold the door open for each other and help each other out. This small act of kindness can go a long way. It can ease someones’s pain and suffering. In return they may return the favor to someone else by doing the same. If we do not or are not willing to help someone in need, let’s at least get out of their way and not harm them in any way. They will then do what they need to do to get back on their feet. Either we need to help or step back. Holding a door open for someone in an elevator or at the entrance to a building is a simple gesture that tells the World that we too are Human and there are still people in the World who do care for us. This sparks the fading light of our faith in Humanity. So lets keep the doors open in our Heart too to help others pass. We need to push people up or lift them up but never to push them down or treat them low. Humanity still exists in this World. But we will need to know where to find it. Sadly, It has become a rarity. We definitely cannot change all the people around us, but all we can do is to change ourselves by holding the door for others. Hopefully others will follow suit. Let us be the first to set the example for others to follow.




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