Are we WAITING for each weekend to LIVE LIFE?

In the busy World of today all of us are on wheels to earn a paycheck or two. Even business owners aren’t spared. They need to work round the clock, make sacrifices, keep inventory, maintain quality and wear many hats just to make a decent living. So each of us have devoted our lives so far and many of us will be devoting our remaining lives to keep working, spending and paying bills until one day we drop dead. This will be the end of our line. So are we living our lives at all. We are so soaked in our daily hurdles that we even forget to eat on time, sleep on time and even forget to take a breath. To add injury to insult we are destroying our own health by accumulating loads of stress within each of our cells. This does disrupt their normal function. In the end we use the same money that we have earned over the years to supposedly heal us through the use of medications, hospitalizations, surgeries and through some sort of miracle. In short we have reset ourselves to Zero and hopefully we can catch-up everything that we have lost before we die.

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We live in a system that has been created for us to be enslaved for life. Who had given us the 9 PM to 5 PM time schedule to abide by and follow? Are we being controlled without our knowledge? Why are we all starting our cars, driving to and from our offices the same time of each day? Why don’t we start at different times of the day and end our day at different times to help end traffic congestion? We couldn’t do that, Because it IS THE system just like the monetary system that has been created to dominate everyone else. just like everything in life only the strong, rich and the powerful survive. Everyone else is toast. We will be living our lives day to day just to work, spend, pay taxes and pay the bills.This is what it has come down to. The common Man works the entire week just to look forward to be with his family for the weekend. In many instances they pick up overtime hours during nights and weekends too. So are they living at all? Are weekends that all they live for. Life is top be lived each and every day and each and every second. To postpone life or not to live life at all takes away what we have to offer back to this World. Hidden talents stay hidden, bright ideas stay not invented, carpets being pulled from under our feet and intelligence getting suppressed from coming to light. By doing so many stones may go Un-turned and many opportunities missed.

In the end, guess who the loser is – ALL OF US.



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