Humans are THE most dangerous animals on this Planet. WE are Humans too and why do we need to fear one of our own species. What sets us apart from the rest of all different species on Earth is our intellect. This is a blessing in disguise. This is what will eventually bring in our own extinction. Our brain may be small but with its power of creativity and destruction, we are able to fly between continents, build bigger and bigger buildings that reach for the skies or on the other hand build military grade weapons that are designed and meant to kill each other. So what good is our brain and the purpose of our very existence just to being upon destruction to ourselves and others of our own species. What’s the point?

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We are the only species that we know that exploits others of its own kind. Human trafficking, sex trade, drugs trafficking, smuggling, piracy, sweat shops, child labor, forced labor camps are just a few of the examples that show the entire world our sick mindset. Mass slavery is the name of the game and money is the golden word that’s setting the entire machine into motion. In that process the so called masters benefit the most and are in fact living off of others desperation, misery and suffering. Sometimes I wonder how one sleeps at night after committing sins that defeats all morale, ethics, righteousness, and finding it to make a living out of it.

With the hierarchy that exists in the workplace, it is a dog eats dog World. When politics enter into the picture things start getting ugly. Lives are destroyed, ego and envy abound, jealousy plentiful, with the select few benefiting and the rest suffer in silence. They will have no voice and no one will ever hear them. They pass through life trying to work, commute, earn, spend, pay bills and then wait to die out. As Humans we have exploited all natural resources including Plants and animals. We also call ourselves the supreme Species We decide who lives and who dies. This has led to the destruction of our land through mining, pollution of our air and water. We have decided which animals to domesticate and exploit. We also have decided which animal we will consume as food by sending them to slaughterhouses. Our forests too have suffered our wrath taking with it billions of medicinal plants that were put on Earth to help us heal ourselves. Since trees do not pay taxes, we have decided to chop them down and build homes that bring in vast amount of money in taxes.

When we travel all across this amazing Planet Earth, Whom do we fear most? The CORRECT ANSWER is : Another Human being. We can predict other animals, we know their behavior and we now what they are capable of , so we stay out of their range, but we can never predict Humans. They are a cunning species that is filled with strange hormones and emotions. They have the capacity to act as a friend and stab you in the back all at the same time. With multiple scenarios that can play out, you can fill in the gaps on what we Humans can do and what they are capable of. I am sure you have had some of those bad memorable experiences yourself. Violence, fraud, and crime against each other is at an all time high. In short we would do anything for money. We need to ask ourselves- How much money do we need to pass through life and how much would be considered self sufficient? Where would we draw the line?

War- Is it necessary or was it necessary at all. War as we all know is big business for a select few. It brings in money for them, but for the rest of us all it does is it increase our taxes, and brings in misery and suffering. We have divided and subdivided ourselves in all possible ways, but in the end we all WILL end up in the same place, back to Earth. So why not live our lives by JUST LIVING IT.



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