SUGAR: The New OLD Drug..

Who does not like sugar? May be a handful of people in the entire World. It is in fact a drug that has come to light with the dawn of civilization. So what did Humanity use prior to the invention of this modern drug? A different form of sugar may have been used for centuries before our time. They were sapped from plants and from trees that produced it. It was 100 % natural and was devoid of all the modern chemicals and the byproduct of all the new processes of modern day manufacturing. Since it was 100 % natural there was no money to be made, hence it never saw the light of day. Hence it was suppressed into non existence. Today we see that sugar is found in all candies, bakeries, bottled soft drinks, processed foods, breads and other confectioneries. Today we live in a World that would be very difficult to live in for a person who doe snot like sugar. Similarly this World is not a place for vegetarians or persons with nut allergies or people who are severely allergic to or hypersensitive to dairy products.

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Sugar is here to stay whether we like it or not because it is set to be in every product we consume. New industries have emerged out of this poison. It is in fact poisoning the Health of all citizens around the World and it is all done intentionally. This drug is responsible for most diseases that we see today and the sad part is no one is doing anything to stop the spread. It has become a legal drug and it can be purchase by anyone off the shelves in broad daylight. It has the capacity to do much more damage than illegal drugs right under our noses and from within our own homes. Many new diseases have come into being as a result of this and as a result of this, new job opportunities and occupations have been created as a result of the side effect of this drug. Today we see hospitals, pharmaceuticals, drug stores, Medical devices and schools flourish as a result of this. With the addition of new employees, families have been supported. But on the other hand the risk outweighs the benefits. Many people die each day as a result of complication from this drug and from the diseases they help create.

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In spite of many decades of research why do we still not have a miracle drug to treat hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. We do not even even have a drug still to treat the common cold. Most medications that we see in the market is designed just to mask the symptoms but none to cure the disease by nipping it n the bud. Lifesaving medications are an exception to this. Research is usually being funded by government or pharmaceutical companies. Imagine if we are a researcher and are seeing our funds come in on time year over year what is the hurry in finding a cure or in bringing out a drug to market. Since there is no deadline, research continues for ever with each person holding on to their job for ever too unless and until something happens. But on the other hand, what if there has been a discovery made in the form a pill to cure diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease. This would wipe out the Medical device industry that caters to these patients and would make other pharmaceutical companies that have similar drugs on their pipeline go extinct. There is a lot at stake. This could take out so many jobs but would give a lifeline for the Millions of patients Worldwide who are suffering from these diseases each and every day. They are suffering in silence with hope in their minds for a rapid cure.

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Being ignorant of a drug that is a know to cause damage to our body is one thing but knowingly taking it is foolish. This is what all of us are doing each day. Consuming sugar day in and day out. Today, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Moreover, we are consuming processed foods loaded with sugar, energy drinks, bottled juices, baby foods, fast foods, coffee, tea, cereals, chocolates, bakery items, liquid medicines for kids etc.on top of that.  All of these are loaded with processed sugar too. New Sugar substitutes have been created bringing with it unknown problems that are unforeseen now. We may not know what they will bring to the table later on. Sugar is sweet and it does make us sweeter. But it may not be doing us any good anytime soon. All it has been doing so far is that it has been destroying all of us from within without us even knowing and it will continue to do so unless and until we realize its grip on us. It is an addiction which has no addiction center. It is an addiction that we are willing to ignore. It is an addiction that is wrecking havoc on our entire civilization. It is an addiction that is killing us silently in greater numbers each day than accidents. And it is an addiction that may ultimately kill us all without us knowing it. Our own Health is at stake here. Unless we as consumers stand up and take action, tomorrow will look the same as today. And the way we are going, we may never have a tomorrow.



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