AIR-DROPPING Seeds: Idea that sprouts

Why do we drop bombs that does no one any good? So why not drop seeds instead, which can benefit everyone including other Plants and Animals? Bombs or Trees! That’s the question. Why not grow trees and plants that are useful to us and which bear fruits and seeds? We are all seeing the global trend of rapidly disappearing forests. What are we going to do about it? If we stand still and do nothing about it, the World will still continue to go around the Sun. It is not going to wait for us. But it is our life and we will need to sustain ourselves. With fast disappearing forests and rapidly melting ice sheets, we may all be in for a big surprise and very soon.

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If each of us do our part in planting trees in our own backyard, we may create our own individual solution to an overall and urgent problem that all of us face: The lack of trees that can help support support all of us on this Planet. If each of us plant just ONE Tree and take care of it over our lifetime. And if this trend keeps its pace in subsequent generations, it will propagate in becoming a habit that is hard to be broken. The tree which we have already planted will be providing shade and fruits to those who follow us, long after we are gone. In a way we are leaving a legacy for future generations. They will be reaping the benefits of our hard work. This does not require any money. All we need to do is to plant one seed and follow up by nurturing it to maturity. Nature will take care of the rest.

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When each of us do our part, Micro forests will evolve and start popping up all over the World. But it always starts with us. So why not we set an example for others to follow thereby benefiting all those who follow in our footsteps. Let’s do our part. Wars helps no one and has no winners. Everyone automatically becomes losers in any war. But, dropping seeds will bring in hope, peace and a much Greener Planet to live in. This will help everyone round the Globe, no matter who we are or where we are from. In short, It will teach us to be Human by taking care of our own backyard first. So let’s be Human. If not, at least let’s try to act like one.


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