EARTH HOPPERS: Going places

Technology, communication and Global positioning systems have enabled us Humans to travel to places far from home. Planes are complex machines but they do something very simple- hop from point A to point B, just like what grasshoppers do. But in a giant leap. All of us are living on this very tiny pebble that is floating in the dark expanse of space. So while travelling from A to B our hops are minuscule in scale when compared to the distances between the entire cosmos and beyond. We are used to hopping from one city to another across multiple time zones without any effort. In fact we have taken travel for granted. In the future, with advanced jet propulsion systems, able bodied spacecrafts and in putting out mind to work we may seen venture into deep space and beyond with little to no effort. We may even have unmanned flights and remotely operated robots doing the job for us in performing Scientific experiments, building homes in a faraway galaxy even before our arrival on that planet. When we get there our walk-in home will be ready to live in. We will not need to face another Human being. We will be served by robots who do our daily tasks. We would have a robot each to cook, shop, feed us, cleanse us, clothes us and much more. We may become much lazier soon thereafter.

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Traveling beyond our hometown helps us in keeping our minds open and learn new things. We get to taste different foods, meet people from all over the World, try to learn something from them, appreciate their culture, give them a taste of our culture and traditions, hear their music and in short learn to appreciate and experience the many intricacies and variety that life has to offer us. Learning should go on for a lifetime and we should all be life long learners, if we wish to learn from each other and grow. Hopping our way across the Globe may soon become our way of life. We may have multiple home in other countries. With growing demand for Global trade we may bring in employment to people in far away lands, there by increasing the market share of our companies. As we travel more and more, the entire World does fit in the palm of our hands. Today all we need is our cell phone to conduct business and live life.

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I had previously given an example of a frog in a well scenario. In this scenario, this frog is born within the confines of this well and has never traveled outside it. It will probably die within the confines of this well too. It’s kids may do the same. So in this scenario it is completely ignorant of anything outside this realm. For this frog to learn something other than what it sees within its vicinity, it needs to start thinking outside the box by having an open mind. It must have the spark of curiosity in its mind to know what is outside the well. Most people lack this curiosity and continue to do the same thing over and over again until they die. Once they get trapped within their comfort zone, their growth ceases and their quest for knowledge stops. Now back to the frog. Once this curiosity to know arises within that frog to know what is outside the well, this frog must do what it must do to get out of this well. Once it is outside this well, the entire World is up for grabs for it to be explored and conquered.

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We need to be hoppers at best and start exploring the World around us. Most people are in one place and they die out at the same starting point. With no stimulation in their mind to know more of anything, they soon stop growing. The society has conditioned to work now and look forward to a distant retirement. Most don’t make it to this finish line of retirement. So why not start living life from now to retirement and then start continuing to live from there. This helps us to live twice in  away: pre-retirement and post-retirement. Many of us tend to stop living from now to retirement and put in our time and energy to work and make money. But all that we have in our lives that is guaranteed is ONLY the present. The past is gone for ever. Future is always an unknown entity. It does not exist just as yet. There are no guarantees set for a future that we are dreaming of. We may never even get there. Our life could be cut short any minute. So let’s make use of today to Earth hop, learn, meet people, go places and start living life with an open mind. When out time comes, we will have enough time to sleep for eternity.


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