It is our life and we need to live it in our own terms. From the minute we are born into this World, society tries to grab us with its self imposed ideologies, customs and thought processes. We tend to satisfy everyone from our parents, teachers, Professors, guardians etc by listening to them and obeying them with each command. As we grow older we are still doing the same with employers, and people with higher society imposed higher authority. In short we are heeding and succumbing to everyone’s command to listen, and obey, but to ourselves. Times have changed so has the thought processes. Today religion has gotten a stronghold on society with its 3000 plus year old thoughts and beliefs that existed back then. This is still being used today even though the World has changed multi-fold. Today we are supposed to have a much higher IQ than the Humans who has existed back then. We are bombarded daily with so much information today that we are all suffering from information overload. Today we have the ability to think for ourselves and make logical and intelligent decisions.

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So why are we not thinking for ourselves? Is it because we have been conditioned for so long that we are afraid to come out of our own comfort zones and start thinking for ourselves? Do we feel safe under the wings of the so called leaders and are afraid to stand up for ourselves? Why are we afraid to leave the soft corner and face life on our own? Today society still dictates what we can do , what we cannot do, what religion we need to follow and what clothes are acceptable to wear in public? It is our life, if we choose to live it. In other words if we are open to listening to everyone but ourselves, we might as well give up on our selves and our own lives and have someone else control our own life in all possible ways.

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Even today, after all these centuries of old beliefs that has been indoctrinated in the minds of millions of its followers, religion still holds on to the same old beliefs that existed 3000 plus years back. Its not that religion is bad. It is JUST a belief in the supernatural. It is a way to believe in something- a higher invisible power. A false sense of security. When people have lost everything and given themselves up, they need something to grab on to . This is where religion comes in. Usually the poor and elderly are vulnerable to people who are seeking money and working under the cover of religion to making a living for themselves and at the same commit crime under the blanket of religion. This is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is how one can make money out of nothing-  from a belief. The more believers you have the more money one can make. The World over, just fathom the amount of people who are earning a paycheck just based on the word RELIGION. There is definitely a higher power we call GOD. But religion is Man made and the founders of these religions were Human too, just like you and me. As belief propagates and money comes into the picture it STICKS. When this money grows on all fronts more and more people get sucked into its belief and this is how any religion grows and expands into an empire. If and When we take MONEY out of this equation all religions will cease to exist. Because it’s all about money. It is a Business based on belief. No product is sold or nor any services rendered here. What better Business can one have that make tons for money with no investment. Moreover they are Non-Profit entities exempt from paying taxes.

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Thinking for ourselves is an attribute that is given to us by our creator. It is a gift that we must use to stand out and announce to the World that we are Human. This intellectual ability is what sets us apart from all the animals in the World. No wonder we have proclaimed ourselves as THE Supreme Species on Planet Earth. But for this we would live and act like any other animal. To stay Human, Be Human and act like a Human, we need to stand on our own two feet, stand up for ourselves and start thinking. In fact we must not just think, we must start thinking outside the box. If we do not think and live smart, others would be glad to do the thinking for us. Thinking for ourselves will help mold us in the right path to our own growth and not someone else’s. It is our life, we need to think it and grow it- ON OUR OWN. This is called True living.



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