Do we have an ID?

Right from the time we are born we are given a name by our parents or our Guardian or a custodian as the case may be. This name is nothing but an ID that has been created for the sake of differentiating us from the rest of the 7 plus Billion People on this Planet. This ID usually remains the same throughout life and stays on the history books after we are gone. This is our individual Biography. If we had done any good deeds during our life time, it may be recorded in it for all to see. The next ID are our facial photographs, fingerprints, retinal scan and other Biometric markers. Today we can even consider our DNA as a definitive ID that is characteristic to us.

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Our ID come in handy both while we are alive and after we die too. once we die literally we lose our individuality and our personality. During that time we are referred to as a “BODY”. We lose the ID what society has given us. After death our ID may vanish in smoke, mix in the waters or may be inscribe on the tombstone. Many people may vanish without a trace and many may have unmarked graves. In what ever case it may be, we too will disappear living no clues behind. And without any landmarks, we too will be lost to eternity. During life we are forced to safeguard our identity from our own species, because they are the ones who will need the use of our ID for their benefit. Due to lack of trust, we are forced to create other external forms of ID in conducting businesses virtually and in dealing with people over the internet. No wonder we are forced to create our own user ID and passwords. No wonder we are forced to create PIN Numbers and other log in details. In many cases, our Biometics are used to authenticate our selves from the rest of the World. No wonder crime is going up and trust is going down.

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In the future due to increase in cybersecurity, other forms of ID need to be created that replaces the current forms of old school ID. Each and everyday there are trillions of dollars worth of unclaimed goods that sits in all the ports, lost and found items, missing persons, lost children, victims of Human exploitation, Human trafficking and slaves working in labor camps. Most of them do not even have an ID and no one know their whereabouts. Many crimes go unsolved and become cold cases due to lack of ID. Why not have a foolproof form of ID where anything and everyone can be traced just with a few clicks of a button? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have found your lost luggage or reunited with a lost family or friend who has Alzheimers?

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Today, even with advanced GPS systems that are standard in all planes, we are unable to zero in on the exact location of a lost Airplane. Isn’t that strange and absurd? isn’t that why the GPS tracker was installed in the first place. Advancements in technology must mean something to us in helping us solve problems in various applications. If it is not doing what it is intended to do, then it should be considered scrap metal sitting there doing nothing. If so, why are we throwing money at it or investing in it? EVERY Human life is much more valuable than any stuff that money can buy and must be treated as such. If and when Human life has been given no value to it, then why even bother continue to innovate and advance ourselves in the name of advancements. Computers and other technology has come into being by putting our two pound brain to work in order to find simple solutions and to solve complex problems. So why not put it to use in  safeguarding our own identity? If we cannot find ourselves, who else will?


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