We are what we eat. Today we live in a World of excess consumption which primarily includes food to a greater extent among other material stuff. This has led us to outburst ourselves overshooting the scales to become obesity. Obesity is the number one problem that each country faces. This in turn has brought us into the danger zone with greater incidence in the number of diseases which we are seeing today like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Obesity also takes a toll on the heart, joints and all internal organs. Since there is no limit set to eating or drinking, we need to be our own master who need to take care of our own bodies. if we do not take care of others will. Today we have all the diets that are geared to making money for their founders. But what is it doing to us. It is draining our wallets and making someone out there very rich due to OUR lack of discipline and control in what we are eating or drinking.

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What we see in the above plates is an illusion. The plate on the left is big, so we tend to fill it up to the brim. This is basic Human psychology. By taking a smaller plate, we tend to fill it too but the portion is much smaller in comparison. In both plates, the quantity is exactly the same. It is our mind at work here. So what do we need? We need to eat only when our body tells and and stop when it tells us. All we have to do is to listen to our body and the body will take care of the rest by performing its functions. What we need are self discipline in what we eat, the times we eat and the portions that we eat. It’s that simple. It does not cost us anything. In return we get self satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment and a few pounds less on our bodies. We can eat anything we want, but we need to have portion control, frequency control and time control. Once we have controls put in place for all three we can work our way to better health. This is our life and we need to do it on our own. And mind you, ONLY WE CAN DO IT. No one can help us but us. You may not like what I am saying but this is the fact.

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Our body is a bundle of joy and this is how we came into this World. This package has been equipped with everything that it needs to survive. The creator has thought about it even before we were in the blue print and designing stage. if out body needs something it will ask for it. It will tell us when we need to eat, and when we will need to drink. If we keep drinking too much water, our kidneys will be working overtime. If we overeat, our body will act accordingly storing enough fat for when it may need it. When it is summer, out body tells us to drink more water. During winter, our metabolism goes up, so it tells us to eat more and it does ask us for less water. During famine or starvation, our body starts eating itself by consuming body fat. As we age we will feel the need to eat less and less and invariably we avoid overindulgence in anything we do. This applies to food as well. Nature has built us well, but are we taking care of it. Of course we are not. Anything in moderation is always good and we are free to choose what we eat by putting into our mouth. So why not eat right and eat healthy.

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In short:

  • Three meals a day
  • Smaller portions
  • No sugar or substitutes
  • Less carbohydrates
  • Eating at fixed times
  • Not overindulging in buffet or lavish meals
  • Being in control
  • OUR MIND control over our actions
  • Being in charge of our mind and body
  • Eating and drinking right only when our body tells us
  • Eating early in the morning and eating much earlier before bedtime
  • Allowing time for adequate digestion.
  • Avoiding temptation and succumbing to it.

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Eating right is not a luxury, but a need. Because what we eat is what we will be. We may not see the results today, but we will see results all throughout life. There is no short cut to weight loss. The only SHORT shortcut is to have self-control over what we eat and have self discipline in how we live our lives. Eating just right and drinking just right is what will make us or break us. So let’s choose the right way to live our life right. If we learn to become masters of our mind, we can control it by being a Master and not its Slave.



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